Thursday, 24 December 2009

My internet is down

Can you believe it......our internet service has decided to go down 2 days before Christmas - damn it!! If any of you know our famous Telstra........service can be appalling. I tried to get my late Mum's phone reconnected last year when she took 10 days and numerous phone calls totalling 5 1/2 hours on hold!!
We are not sure why our internet cable has 'deceased'  and no-one can come and look at until until Dec 28th. (was going to be January 8th until I went berserk on the phone!!)
We are a little suspicious as there seem to be a lot of Telstra Big Pond vans in the area today!!

Well I have made about 8 phone calls...........been on hold for a total of nearly 2 hours in the last day to sort it out. I can't even access my emails using my daughter's computer (where I am doing this).......normally I would be able to access my emails at the Telstra website but some twit has made my whole account inactive!! Goodness know how long before it is fixed. So to all of you trying to email me.............Sorry but I can't get your messages.
I am so, so sorry and please know I would have answered you if I could.

So in the meantime enjoy greetings from our "grand-doggies"!!

Kahlua with a Christmas kiss

Kahlau and Malibu bestest buddies


  1. I love that Christmas kiss..I thought that was adorable. Thanks so much and happy New Year!!
    Hope all works out in the end with your internet.. bummer!!

  2. dear michelle was wanting some hints re the tracing and light boxes
    i thought i would try an email for when you are back on like
    but this is what it came back as
    550 Invalid recipient:
    hope this helps make sure you do not get charged for re connection

  3. Hi Michelle - yes Telstra did this to me earlier this year - cut off my account for no reason - took three months to get back on line - best to call the Telecommunications Ombudsman and lodge a complaint straight away - that way the 12 days Telstra have have to fix the problem starts sooner than later. Good luck with it ... and perservere! I was on hold more than 30 hours by the time it all got sorted. Thanks to the Ombudsman.

    Cheers Jane


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