Sunday, 30 August 2009

Quilting practice

A very dear friend offered to make a sample of one of my patterns and this is the result. I was thrilled with her efforts and all the applique was done by hand. I did ask if I could borrow it for teaching as I loved the way she spread the border design out around each block. (a little different to mine)
Of course she allowed me this honour so in return I offered to quilt her quilt for her.............I actually don't usually enjoy machine quilting..... I always find it so hard deciding what design to do. I love a 1"grid behind applique but because of the time this takes I usually resort to free-motion.

So I have had a wonderful time practicing feathers and this is the result. I found that the feathers surrounded the applique quite fast - most satisfying to me as I am so impatient! So today I returned the completed quilt only to find I had missed a little section!
Well it was tears all round as her dear husband had made this beautiful chest of drawers for me in return. It was just so exciting and I was so touched by this gesture as it was not expected and I was the one who wanted to return a favour for borrowing the quilt top. So I have had fun filling the drawers with all my embroidery threads tonight - YUM and I feel so lucky.


  1. Looks good, you only get better with practice

  2. WOW!! Beautiful as usual!!!

  3. The applique and quilting are both beautiful! Good job ladies! :)

  4. The applique and quilting is absolutely beautiful. I found out about your blog because Naomi Vela sent me over and you were in the hospital with her. I also hope you get better. Love and Hugs Dianne

  5. Wow!!! What a stunning quilt. Will we see this at Beating Around The Bush?


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