Thursday, 20 August 2009

Clever Ballarat Quilters

I can't wait for this BBC series "Desperate Romantics" to come to Australia...........looking forward to getting a glimpse of Morris!!

Spectacular results from the students at the Ballarat quilters
weekend who say they can't draw!

Thankyou all so very much for all your get well wishes. I am getting back on track - 3 weeks since the angiogram and in typical 'nurse style' had a bit of a complication. I ripped the stitch holding the angioseal and had a bleed into the abdomen. This resulted in a very painful internal haematoma around the iliac artery!! But it hasn't stopped me. After clearance 2 days before the event I did get to go to the quilting weekend in Ballarat...........I forgot my camera of course but did manage to get this shot on my mobile phone!
It was a well organised weekend held in amazing accommodation:
Thanks to the grils for asking me - an honour to be amongst the likes of Gloria Loughman, Lessa Siegele, Michelle Yeo and Margaret McDonald.

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