Sunday 10 December 2023

Hello from the Hill household!

 Once again it has been way too long since I posted so I thought it might be an opportunity to say hello and send good thoughts and wishes. As the end of another year approaches it becomes a time of reflection and also a chance to update my settings in case blogger decided to delete it all! Sadly it has been another year of world turmoil as war devastates many lives and it is hard to comprehend when we are safely tucked away in our comfortable surroundings. We have had some very unusual weather and today it was only meant to reach 17C and tomorrow it will be up near 30C! On the east coast of Australia they have had a heat wave while here we are experiencing Winter in the second week of what should be Summer. We have had a months' worth of rain in one day and the winds have been horrendous, but the little garden seems to have survived........mind you the kangaroos have taken a liking to nibbling the petunias.....

We have been in our little cottage for 8 months already and things are flourishing in our low maintenance planters in the back area.......

We are loving living in a small country community and especially that we can walk to the shops, doctor, hairdresser and library! We have been thrilled to have so many come and visit so scones are baked at the drop of a hat and there always seems to be flowers inside either from the garden or from visitors.......
My spring ranunculi were stunning and I look forward to seeing them pop up again next year.......
We enjoyed the local Agricultural Show a couple of months ago and the local quilt group encouraged me to enter my latest work and I was thrilled to receive a "Grand Champion" ribbon in the needlework section.......
A few months back I also spent some time making the local Lions Club a new banner. It had to be in the colours of purple and yellow and badges reapplied from their previous banner that had seen better days. I appliquรฉd it all so it was right up my alley but it was very different working in felt. I did this at no cost to the club and as my way of giving back to an organisation that does so much for the local community. So you can imagine my surprise when the President turned up unannounced one Sunday morning to deliver a framed certificate of thanks and a basket full of goodies.......glad I wasn't still in my nightie!......
I have also recently been busy making Christmas table runners and hanging hand towels for prizes at our village Christmas dinner that is on this coming week......
I've also made more hand towels and zippered purses for a Christmas market that I have been invited to that is on next weekend........

I decided to make some necklaces as well with hand stitched teeny tiny pinwheels. They are quite time consuming and take about 5-6 hours for each one but I never like idle hands if I am watching the telly at night anyway......
Of course this time of year comes with lots of catching up with friends and admiring and indulging in some of their culinary skills and this was delicious.......
We had a very special wedding a few weeks ago in a gorgeous historic venue.......
and we finally got to see a newly installed large mosaic in our local area all done on the artist's front verge so people can enjoy it...quilt and all!.....
Health wise we are ticking along with all that ageing brings! I see my cancer specialist tomorrow and my cardiac loop recorder is showing what we expected but at this stage the pacemaker is on hold while I consume many medications! Family are growing way too fast but we love it when we see them. As I decorated the Christmas tree I was reminded of places we have been and decorations we have been given......all wonderful memories. So as the lights twinkle at night we are thankful for all that we have. May 2024 be a kind one to you all near and far. Lots of love from us.......


  1. Michelle, so lovely to hear from you. You’ve been in my thoughts lately for several reasons, firstly I’m about to start another of your quilts for my step daughter, I’ve just learned she’s a William Morris fan๐Ÿ’– and of course hoping you’re well and enjoying life in your new home. May you enjoy Christmas and be blessed with good health, for you and your family. Delwyn.

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  2. Lovely to read your story good luck selling your purses and towels etc. I too have made a I spy cot quilt for my nephews 1 year old son.
    All the very best for Christmas enjoy with family
    Hugs Dianne Rickard from Myrtleford Victoria

  3. It was great to read your post Michele and I hope you and Larry have a great Christmas. May 2024 bring us all lots of good times. Love to you both francie ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

  4. So wonderful to hear your news. And nice to know the ghastly weather we are having here on the East Coast of South Island NZ is much the same as yours. But God willing there will be no nasty bush fires in Australia, as we also have family in NSW and Queensland. Wishing you and your family a wonder Christmas season.

  5. So great to hear all your news — have a happy Xmas and a safe and healthy 2024 love Don and Joy ๐ŸŽ„❤️

  6. It is so nice to see your blog post! I have wondered how you were doing from time to time after your move 8 months ago. It sounds like you have grown accustomed to a smaller house and your decorations look wonderful. I especially love nesting dolls and have several sets and seeing yours reminded me I had forgotten to put a set out for the holidays - wishing you well!

  7. How very nice to hear from you! Looks like you and Larry have settled nicely into your new abode. Such lovely items you have are making, and the flowers are beautiful as always. God's blessings in the comingNew Year.
    Love and hugs to you both, Michele

  8. Good to hear from you Michele, lovely to have a chat the other day and especially loved our visit to your new abode xxx

  9. Hi Michele. Guild Reiki Michael here. ( Nice blog. Glad I found it. Where is this market you are selling at? I love the WM pouches and may need to buy a few. Would love to come and look and say hello. Mike

  10. Lovely to see you blogging again. I hope your health is okay. Best Wishes from Ali in BOP New Zealand.

  11. so lovely to hear about your health update, settling into new location & keeping positive surrounded by your beautiful family & friends. wishing you & Larry a wonderful festive season & always welcome for scones & tea when visiting the Yorke Pennisula. sending love

  12. So good to hear from you Michele and that you have been busy making wonderful things as usual. You have certainly settled into your new home and area amazingly well. Have a wonderful Christmas with the family. I love the necklaces!

  13. Lovely to catch up with your news, I often think of you and hope that all is well since you moved house. It must be so hard decluttering and packing treasures away. I sent several of my quilts made with your patterns to friends who lost most of everything in cyclone Gabrielle, they love them. Fantasy Meets at Midnight hangs on my sitting room wall and I love it, thank you so much for sending me the pattern.
    Take care and best wishes with uour health issues.

  14. Thanks for being a beacon of knowledge. Your post was truly enlightening.


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