Friday, 11 June 2021

The Swing of a Pendulum

 Oh my it really another month since I last posted??! All I can say is "Crikey's" and I know a few of you will chuckle at that as crikey's is one of my favourite words! So with much thought here goes.....all about the "Swing of the Pendulum"! Pendulum seems like the perfect word right now......moving forward and backwards (or maybe side to side ), with the force of gravity...well maybe with what life throws us is a better description! While I was deep in thought with the word pendulum I came across this meaningful yet simple poem from a retired academic Julian Scutts who has a fascinating repertoire of literary analysis......Folklore, Goethe and Romantic Poetry amongst other fascinating topics.... 


Sometimes fast
and sometimes slow,
the pendulum swings
to and fro.
Is it early?
Is it late?
Let's leave our cares 
to time and fate.

My grandparents had the most wonderful grandfather clock similar to this one and I can recall being hypnotised by the swinging pendulum.....maybe I am feeling nostalgic but how I would love one of these clocks.......the wonderful deep chime and the slow tick, tock, tick, tock,........

I have touched before on one of our daughter's struggles with mental illness and I still to this day struggle with the stigma and judgement of others and especially the lack of medical understanding of it all. So how fortuitous that just last week I captured Wade and his Mum swinging on a pendulum........he is always looking out for her as you can see in his face......

I am still on the pendulum of being grateful for life, but also knowing life will never be quite the same after cancer stole part of my anatomy, stole my hair (and just last week I had my first haircut post chemo to remove the crazy chemo curls....but after a week those crazy curls are back!!), stole the feeling in my hands and feet, stole my ability to create new work, stole my ability to escort my William Morris Tours and unexpectedly stole some of my patience and tolerance of others. 

Wikipedia tells us a pendulum "is a weight suspended from a pivot so it can swing freely" Can we really swing freely? With time I hope to find balance on this pendulum and swing freely as I wait for the "end" (hopefully!!), of treatment...two more lots of surgery with one in just under 3 weeks. A few weeks ago we drove the four and a bit hour to Robe for a few nights away where one night we celebrated 43 years of marriage in front of a cosy fire......
The scenery and fresh air always clears the mind........

A visit to Robe must include a visit to Mahalia Coffee that is not just a roasting house but a place of other temptations.......

We also had a surprise visit while in Robe from Judy and friends who drove a couple of hours to visit us! It was such a special treat as we nattered over a fish and chip lunch......thankyou so much for was just wonderful to see you all again xxx

Some weeks back we had a couple of lovely hours wandering the streets of Port Adelaide and the historic buildings always delight.........
We noticed on the wharf there are plans to build a new Rydges Hotel and the banner shows the design. The pendulum is most definitely swinging in the right direction with my tick of approval with the architectural design reflecting the heritage of this historic area........
More sights from our amble.......

Since I last posted I had a very positive swing on the pendulum when Emily raised over $5,000 for the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea! I will be eternally grateful to so many friends who made this possible....thankyou does not seem enough and I know it is going to such a great cause.....
A couple of posts ago I shared some wonderful miniatures created by a couple in the UK and my order for the spool holder arrived last week. I cannot comprehend the patience and skill to create something so tiny and you can see I needed tweezers to place the spools on the holder. I also placed a small pin beside them to give some perspective....... 

I am so thrilled with it all and the bonus is it doesn't take up too much room on the shelf!!......
So as the pendulum continues to swing we cherish moments with family with Wade and Maisie counting as they play hide and seek with us all........
So I am going to conclude with some wonderful news! Emily finally received her genetic testing results and she is free of the BRCA2 gene mutation. We are of course ecstatic as it means it has stopped at her generation. Our other daughter still needs to be tested at some stage down the track so for now we will celebrate this the pendulum continues to swing! I hope it is swinging back and forth in the right way for you x


  1. Such good news with Emily's result. As always your photos are beautiful. Thankyou for sharing. X

  2. Hope your recovery continues and your surgeries are successful. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Great news for Emily and your family. Always enjoy your travel stories.

  4. I'm so happy for Emily that will set her mind at rest and hope your other daughter will get tested too. Sorry you are not happy with your curly hair - but you do have hair now so that is a plus for you I'm sure. happy anniversary - we celebrate our 49th this week and going away to Colorado for 12 days - our first vacation in over a year and a half - so glad we are back to normal with having our vaccinations feel much safer now. I have never seen a set of swings like that for two in the parks here

  5. Michele, you are an incredible lady and I am so honored to know you.
    Life is always transforming us by events, both good ones and terrible ones. The trauma you have endured has knocked you off of your tracks at times, but give it time. Your path will resume.
    I have read today's blog three times and clicked on the photos. You are so lovely, your smile is genuine and I know your heart is full. I adore the photos of your adventures. So much beauty, and the gathering of friends and family is a treasure. it is the outside that is important and the other will follow. I never had perfect hair, mine is unruly but then rumpled looks appropriate on me. You look sweet in your headbands, so just roll with it.
    What you have endured was a battle and it takes time. My prayers continue for you and your family. I am sad about your daughter's mental illness. Nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps we are all a bit mentally ill. I love the picture of her swinging with her beloved boy. So sweet.
    I love you dearly. You are so inspiring. You really are a doll, I wish I could hug you.
    The fish and chips looks like a huge meal!! goodness!
    always, Rosemary🌹❤️🌹

  6. As a mother, I shed happy tears when I read about Emily's results! Praise God!! Your adventures bring smiles to all your readers. Keep those photos coming, and Happy Anniversary!


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