Sunday 8 November 2020

Finding the right words

Another three and a bit weeks have passed since I last posted so clearly life has been busy....not sure busy is the right word as I've not been doing much at all! The chemotherapy has pretty much "done me in" and I can't even find the right words to describe how wretched it can make one feel. My biggest struggle has been the overwhelming fatigue despite having another top up blood transfusion and way too much rest! Then last week I developed a blood clot in the leg so I am having to jab my tummy twice a day! But onwards we must go with a plan to discuss continuing this gruelling detour with the oncologist this coming week. I saw my surgeon last Friday and we are hoping to schedule surgery before Christmas but time will tell...........

Finding the right words to show our appreciation for the continuing love and support shown to Larry and me comes easily and we are grateful for it all. Larry does the grocery shopping and our generous friends Faye and Kym indulged us with a most generous gift.............
An enormous package of Morris wrapped gifts came in the post from a friend in Melbourne...........thankyou Maree xx 

And some gorgeous chocolates from participants at the SA Quilters' Guild Quilt Encounter class that I was unable to teach. The chocolates were gifted in my very own rope bowl made by Kerryn who took my class.........thankyou all
I received some lovely new plants for the garden when I was able to catch up with Janie and Rosie for lunch some weeks back..........thankyou girls xx
More treats in the post......a magazine from Caroline to enjoy during my chemo sessions and a book of daily inspiration from Laraine.....thankyou again x

More flowers from a cousin and Aunt and a bright bunch from our eldest daughter Emily..........
And all the way from England our friend Ruth sent us some Aussie dollars to spend on ourselves so we are collecting photos with lunch being one of our treats.......thankyou Ruth x She also included some inspirational "Positive Side of Life" quotes..........
More cards have arrived with a Morris scented sachet in one of them............
And in just the last few days I have really struggled with finding the right words when I received two glorious quilts made especially for me. First was from a quilting group from Victoria - Kilmore Quilters who we have spent many fun hours with over the years. Members were instructed to use William Morris fabrics only and I can't put into words what the quilt means to me...........thankyou everyone xx

And just yesterday I received yet another stunning appliquéd quilt made by 14 friends. Another moment where finding the right words eluded me. As a maker of quilts myself it made me realise the joy of receiving and being wrapped in a piece of work made with love by others. There were so many blocks that three of them were turned into a and thankyou everyone xx...........

We also had a special birthday since my last post......little Wade turned three! Emily decided to invite Wade and Sophie for a Halloween party as it was just a day or so after his birthday so the kiddies had fun dressing up and trick or treating. I was so glad I was up to joining them that day........

Beau and Maisie celebrated sports day together since my last post........
The overwhelming fatigue with the bonus DVT has meant my walks have been few and far between especially this past week. The weather has also been quite erratic with chilly and cold one day and quite hot the next. But we did manage a seaside stroll one day and a short walk to check out the wetlands near where we live. Soon they will be dry with Summer but for now the rains have been welcome......

The roses this year have been spectacular and the extra rains have really helped. So we have had several vases full from the garden to enjoy inside...........

It is now 11 weeks since I started treatment and I should be having a few more weeks of chemo, but with the unwelcome side effects including a new one of neuropathy this means we will review it all this week At the moment I have pins and needles in my hands and feet and I cannot imagine not being able to stitch so I do hope I find the right words when I tell the oncologist it is time to stop. Till next time our love and thanks to you all xx


  1. gosh as if you don't have enough to deal with now it is a blood clot as well. It sounds like the chemo is taking a lot out of you - it is amazing how it affects everyone differently, I hear of people who work straight on through and then others like you sick as can be from it. I am praying you get through this and get your surgery and then move on to the next treatment. Thinking of you -- the children are an enjoyment to see as always.

  2. Thinking and definitely praying for you Michele xxxxxxxxxx

  3. I have been thinking about you daily. You are always in my ongoing prayers.
    I know you are suffering. I wish I could help. Family is precious. Keep yourself well rested and hydrated. I hope you can come to a fair decision with your oncologist. This can not go on. I want you to get better. I am never losing sight of your recovery. I see it, Michele
    Stay safe and healthy in these stressful times. Love always dear Michele

  4. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, and happy that you have so much family around you. Praying for you <3

  5. You deserve all the lovely thoughts from everyone, your flowers are just gorgeous and so are your grandchildren, I hope things improve for you soon and you start to feel a bit better. Lots of love to you 😍😍💕💕🌺🌺

  6. My dear Michele: prayers continue for you. I'm so sorry for the adverse reactions to the chemo. Hope and pray you hear better news in your meeting with the oncologist. Those roses!! How sweet the kids look in their costumes. Wade has grown so much! I'm sending gentle hugs with this post. I am with you.


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