Wednesday, 8 August 2018

William Morris In Adelaide Tour 3 news

Greetings from a very chilly but vibrant Adelaide! I am a tad weary tonight but thought I should take the time to share a little of our third Morris tour here in my home town before I hit the sack. The weather has been very cold and at times very wet, but we can't complain as we need the rain and most of what we see is inside. So a few snippets of our recent days for you and not always just about William Morris......

 More soon x


  1. what lovely designs - I bet Adelaide has plenty of things to do - nice to live near a big city so when you get the urge to see and do things you can

  2. Thanks for the update, been thinking of you with this weather, lovely to see the rain when so many aren't but hope you are not getting too wet. xxx

  3. What fabulous wares and textiles. Loved the photos - makes me feel I am there. Thanks so much, Michele. It so nice someone is getting rain.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful photos Michele, even though it was wet outside there were some lovely things to enjoy indoors. Xxx


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