Monday, 27 August 2018

My "Never say Never" exciting news!!

Some of you have already guessed what my exciting news might be........we are travelling to the UK again to do more tours!! Now I know I said I could no longer do the long journey but a two year break and an email from Helen of Whitecroft Tours and we suddenly came up with an exciting plan! Helen and I continue to email each other often, so it was a few days of swapping ideas and we have decided on the month of September 2020. it will have then been a four year break since we've travelled to the UK so you have time to save those dollars or pence and come and join us! We are planning two ten day tours - one based in the heart of Oxford for the entire tour and to be called "William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement" so not just Morris.......and then another based up in the north of the country where it will be "William Morris meets Beatrix Potter". So we've planned many new places to see and exciting things to do and we will even squeeze in a little mini workshop one evening of each tour to remember our time together. I've been trawling through the thousands of photos I have of our previous seven tours so here is a little to tempt you in no particular order at all.........lots of divine house interiors, glorious gardens and of course historical textiles.......

 and often places closed to the public just for us to view alone.......

 And you will never be staying in just an ordinary hotel either..... and for the entire tour in the one hotel so you only have to unpack once......

Larry can show you where you can buy a good ice-cream.........

Of course this won't happen unless there is enough interest so do let us know so we have an indication of numbers as soon as you can. Either email me: or Helen:
Larry will be coming too so we hope you can join us! xx (And I just realised Larry is hugging my friend Faye and not me in that photo!!!)


  1. fun for you I know it always seemed like you loved these tours except getting a bit tired out from them - hope all goes well!

  2. I’m so pleased for you Michele because I know you love the UK. You must be feeling a lot better these days. Maybe slowing down was worth it after all!

  3. Sounds wonderful, I am sure both trips will be sell outs, congratulations!

  4. Sounds very tempting Michele, will think about it...Anne@annesrosecottage xxxx

  5. Obviously Faye is a very close friend! good news Michele - always great to have something to look forward to.

  6. Sitting here with a really bad bout of jet-lag having just returned from Europe so I know exactly what you mean about the long journey - especially coming back!
    But wow Michele, that is super exciting!!! The tours sound amazing and I can't imagine them not booking.
    Anna xxx

  7. OMW! My hubby is planning on full retirement from work that year so we will be able to plan this trip! How exciting!


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