Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Big decisions

It has been two weeks since Sophie was rushed to hospital but it feels like just a few days. So much has happened so the projects for the new William Morris book have been left aside......but having this time has made us reflect on life. So I started asking myself why I was even contemplating the arduous task of writing yet another book! The schedule with the publisher meant it wasn't going to be released until mid 2019 and earning anything from it wouldn't be likely until yesterday I made the really big decision to cancel the book. The publisher was very understanding so it was all meant to be. And I have to tell you it has been like a huge weight off my shoulders.....instead I had the pleasure these past two days of making little Wade his very first quilt. I spoke to the staff in the neonatal unit about what would be best and I was quickly told dark on one side and light on the other for sleeping of course Peter Rabbit just had to appear.........
We had a lovely sunny day today so it has been washed and dried and tomorrow will rest on top of his isolette........ 

 When we visited yesterday I got Sophie to take a picture of my hand on his dear little head......
He has put on a wee bit of weight and yesterday was we can see positive changes in just a few days.......

Of course Beau and Maisie are desperate to see their new cousin and Maisie insists that she can look after him. But visitors are restricted and we feel very privileged for the little visits that we can have. It is always nice to see photos that Emily shares of life with them. There are school holiday activities from a few weeks ago that included Beau standing in a giant bubble.......

The back to school haircut and for the first time in a 'big boy's' barber shop........
Little Miss Maisie dreams of being a ballerina and knows what to do when the camera is out.......

We will be back to see little Wade with Sophie again tomorrow and then I have five days away stitching with friends at Jude's retreat. These "Time with William" retreats were planned a few months ago and I've decided to still go as it will be a lovely time to devote to stitching the new Morris quilts. Instead of appearing in a book I will release them as patterns early next year - so stay tuned! I just have to finish with the garden that is bringing us so much pleasure...especially the Pierre de Ronsard and William Morris climbers......

 Thank you once again for dropping by and sharing in our lives x


  1. The grand children are lovely but what really grabbed my attention was the roses!!!!! They are beautiful.

  2. sometimes we do need to take a step back and change our minds about things - what is important and what isn't - I think right now you have decided a book will take too much of your time and you have decided what is right for you and for your family. Lovely that you will have patterns available. Beau and Maisie will be seeing the new little cousin before they know it. So glad to hear the little one is growing and I bet the little quilt was a hit.

  3. Those isolette quilts are very handy. I had made one for each of the kiddos. The first one the ward asked to keep it, and I said yes. Wade will feel the love over him from Grandma's quilt to him. Love those flowers and the fun photos of your other two.

  4. Patterns sounds like a much easier, less stressful decision then a whole book. So glad it means you get to have time with your family now, while you all need the love and support of each other.

  5. A close friend whose boy was premmie took a photo of her boy with a small teddy bear from one of the Grandparents while he was in the isolette. The bear looked so big next to him. Every birthday she takes a photo of him with the bear and it's wonderful to see him grow. She also uses the isolette quilt she made to cover the embroidery on her stand when she's not working on it.

  6. It’s wonderful to hear Wade has put on some weight & I loved the BIG BOY photo of Beau, & Miss Maisie the BALLERINA 💕

  7. It's wonderful to hear Wade is improving. You have a beautiful family, as I have followed you for years. Family is everything, so I admire you for your decision on your book. Prayers to you all.


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