Friday, 10 March 2017

Me too!

I noticed on Jude's last post that she had "hit the wall" and that was my exact sentiment when I started typing today....hence my post "Me Too"!! I think the long, long summer is part of it and we haven't had rain for a few weeks now. One can find any excuse but today is one of those days of feeling extremely fatigued and quite flat - even for Larry. My mind has been consumed with the Morris tours especially for those in and around Adelaide so over the next week or so I will contact all the venues once again and see if we can arrange a two day event during September this year - so stay tuned. Larry and I met with Hugh and Evan from Renaissance Tours yesterday so after our meeting we decided to take in some of the city during this very busy time of year. I didn't have the camera so the phone sufficed again..............
 The very popular Adelaide Fringe Festival is currently on with many acts held at the Garden of Unearthly Delights and the Royal Croquet Club which is not actually a croquet club at all............

It is known as Mad March here as so much is on with the Adelaide Festival being the major event (with Barry Kosky's Saul Opera being a highlight). Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend and Wikipedia states it is one of the largest arts events in the world, so it is nice to see we turned on sunny skies even if it a tad warm. Then there is Writer's Week and it was lovely to spend a few minutes in the shade listening to an author read from her latest book......

Today is the opening of the incredible world music festival WOMADelaide and we we have a holiday on Monday for the Adelaide Cup horse race so it certainly is Mad March....oops forgot the big car race Clipsal 500 last weekend! This week I've finally completed four new small quilts for the Bernina stand at AQC in April.....

 I also finally had the long awaited allergy testing on Wednesday following the very scary anaphylaxis that I had back before Christmas. The skin reaction was immediate and with much excitement (not from me!), the specialist and nurses nattered about it outside my room as it is very rare. I heard the specialist saying, "Isn't it fascinating"!! I have always known zucchini and eggplant make me violently ill but I was told I have been extremely lucky that I haven't had more anaphylactic attacks before. It would seem because all my reactions have been dining out in the evenings I've been sitting and resting after exposure unlike the December event where I was rushing around for half an hour straight after lunch. The down side is I've been told even a knife or board that has been in contact with the said culprits could even set off an attack.........

So now I have an action plan and paperwork to carry with me at all times.......

So while I decide how to manage eating out in the future my thoughts return to the things that help the another rope bowl has been made.....
And I have some projects from a magazine I love, Mollie Makes ready to be stitched for Miss Maisie.....
 I also bought a copy of Homespun some weeks ago when one of the Monday morning girls mentioned a project of an activity book that I also thought would be nice for Maisie. (We will have to get together Laraine to compare notes!) Hugs to all my Monday girls as I miss you all and thanks for the call today Pam!.....

So till next time I hope life is being good x


  1. You find the cutest things for Maisie! Loved the traveloge - thank you. And you new quilts are amazing - new colors for you, right? I like them.

  2. Wow! I have never heard of these being allergens. How totally frightening, as in our part of the world, everyone tends to sneak zucchini in late summer since it's so prolific and needs something done with it. Business cards with a summary of this would be brilliant to carry when dining out.

  3. A link for your William Morris in Adelaide tour suddenly appeared on my Facebook page and I was so is travelling far!
    Those are very odd allergies, Michele. Wonder what is it about both that would be the problem...something in the rinds, I wonder. My friend has severe allergies and she carries a little laminated card to hand in to the kitchen when she dines out.
    Adelaide is a beautiful city. I couldn't help but admire those beautiful w's for the writer's group. Love the way the leaves and flowers weave through them.
    Such sweet much inspiration.
    You are very busy and just the decision making can be draining. Hope your weekend will be a restorative one.

  4. in the states especially the south zucchini seems to be on the menu everywhere as it grows "so fast" everyone tries to get rid of their excess by handing them off to others - if you ever come to the states make sure people know you are allergic!

  5. I hope your Adelaide tours are a great success, your posts remind me of how beautiful Adelaide is. I am looking forward to seeing your bright new work at the AQC stand. xx

  6. Beautiful pictures and wonderful projects to make. Sorry to hear about the allergies, any serious food allergy is difficult to deal with when dining out, but so glad you have an epipen - not nice to have to have, but good backup in case of cross contamination.


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