Monday, 27 February 2017

Retreating with Jude

Some months ago Jude twisted my arm and talked me into joining her on another sewing sanctuary retreat. When she phoned I gave her the lecture…."you know I am not teaching anymore and not taking any new engagements"!! "But you won't be teaching" she assured me….."the girls are just coming to have a weekend with you"! What could I say?? And then the weekend turned into 6 days!! I was driving down with a couple of girls from Adelaide but I'd had a day of feeling unwell on Thursday and was very worried about all the bags I was taking… instead Larry came to the rescue and drove me. It was a 7 and half hour round trip for him but it was a lovely drive and it was nice to have that quiet time with him which of course included coffee along the way! We were thrilled to see the progress on the latest art work from Guido van Helton on the way as well……….

You can read more about that HERE
 The girls all arrived Friday night and were working on different projects over the weekend…..

 I made up a little package of designs and some of the girls decided to tackle the fabric boxes. I'd been thinking for months of how I could construct these in an easier way and Pat came to the rescue and whipped up two……...
 Those funny bunnies watching on!!…….
 Pat also brought in her stunning version of the hexie quilt from the Stitching with Beatrix Potter book…...
 I just love the colours and the surface painting…...

Just fabulous Pat!
 The catering from Jude is always sensational and we had lovely mild days to share outside. It is always lovely to chat and share life's ups and downs with like minded people…….

 Jude's garden is coming on well and it is so nice to see it all……I'm not a cat person but for those of you who are (including you Faye!!)………..

 So the weekend girls have gone and now it is Monday and we are waiting for the next shift to arrive….more soon xx

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  1. well it sounds like fun even if you aren't teaching - you can relax and stitch with the girls and have a good time. Love all the photos - the art you show at the very beginning is unique - so large!


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