Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Quilting in a country shed

I have just spent the past weekend quilting in a very large country shed on the south coast of New South Wales….and what a stunning part of our beautiful country it is - and so green after the current yellow of our home state…...

 The workshops were held in the agricultural society's shed at Cobargo…and for overseas readers….yes we do have some unique Australian town names! Larry and I have never explored this area but it is now on our radar. I was a guest tutor for the South Coast Country Quilters' of NSW.  I joined Kathy DoughtyAmanda DalyJennifer CorkishBrenda Gael Smith and Fiona Hammond. I travelled the furtherest with a flight to Melbourne and then another regional flight on a much smaller plane to Merimbula. That flight was a tad scary…well actually it was terrifying! We were warned that there would be some turbulence and it was extreme! It felt like a vicious show ride and how we all coped was interesting! The lady opposite me was a local and she did inform me it was the worst she had ever experienced but her way of coping was to laugh…..but with white knuckles I lived to tell the tale! The first day we explored felted wool. Many people have commented that this is not something I normally work with but I have actually been using this medium for a number of years. It all started when I purchased these little treasures in Budapest 12 years ago. It is wool felt appliqué done by the local women and all free motion machine appliquéd………

I have also used wool felt from time to time in my Morris quilts as I love the texture it adds. I appliquéd felted wool flowers to this quilt in 2008 where it eventually became the cover quilt for my second book. ….

We used hand embroidery and a spontaneous decision of mine on the morning resulted in making more of those pinwheels that I am obsessed with. It was a great way for everyone to learn the technique leaving the quilt for a project at home and an added bonus of taking something home finished! I just love them…..

Day two we explored tile designs but I forgot to take photos! We drove back to Bermagui to sleep each evening……a lovely fishing town……..

And then Sunday night closer to the airport I rested in Jenny's home at Tura beach. This is the view from her front window and a short walk to views of the beach. The only thing I could not get used to was no sunset….facing east instead of west like we do at home is somewhat confusing!….

 Jenny has an inspiring native garden as well………

Monday morning was much calmer and the flight uneventful, so I took the opportunity to take some photos………..
As we left you could see the oyster farms in the bay of Merimbula……. 

 We left the coast for the stunning mountain tops of NSW……….
 and the clouds were lofty and peaceful………...
 and then views of home………..wonderful Adelaide with a bird's eye view of the new stadium and hospital…...

 On the way home I needed to catch up with these special people……...

I crashed last night and was in bed by 10pm…..unheard of by me! So now it is back to "work" catching up on emails and planning the next adventures. Thanks for dropping by x


  1. sounds like an interesting time but that flight I could do without as I am sure you wish it hadn't been scary. Love the work you show that everyone was doing, very pretty!

  2. See you got spammed. You can go into your dashboard to comments, Michelle, and delete those. What a wonderful trip, leaving out that scary flight, of course. I always enjoy you posts, your work and the photos of the cuties.

  3. Wow, absolutely loved the work everyone did, they are amazing. I am really pleased that the return flight was uneventful. Thank you for your pics and the sharing that you do, for involving us in your travels and adventures as you transport us there with your posts.
    The younguns looked very happy to see you too.


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