Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mad March

As the season starts to turn we are welcoming the slightly cooler days and nights….still above 25C but much nicer than above 35C! So with the cooler weather comes a renewed vigour to complete projects…mind you I haven't been idle! I am on the final proofs of the book and am very excited at how it is looking. It is definitely not as large as my first two books and this time full of small projects that one might actually complete! I've used an awful lot of paper while editing but it will be put aside for little ones to draw on………
 I've also been working on the mystery class quilt for AQC….just a sneaky little peek!….
I am also formatting some of my previous block of the month quilts to be stand alone patterns for sale. Tim from Curzon Fabrics is sick of waiting….they should be ready soon Tim!…..

I've taken on helping out with our Quilters' Guild of South Australia's quilt exhibition committee as well so had quite a few meetings this past month…..why I put my hand up to do more is beyond me but they do say you should always ask a busy person to go on a committee! But family needs to fit in with the mix as well so last weekend we took Beau to Granite Island to see if we could find any penguins. "Auntie" Sophie joined us and it was indeed a lovely day…….

 When our girls were growing up we would often do this trip and would always see and count many penguins in their little burrows. Sadly there are very few now but we did see some in an enclosure…...

 And then instead of the long walk back (as it was rather hot), we travelled on the old horse drawn tram…..I didn't get a good photo of the tram but found an old one from the 1940's here where I discovered it is the only one of its type in Australia…..and it hasn't changed very much……
 and the image from the Granite Island website……..
Tickets are always a big hit with Beau……...
 Finally the family went out for dinner and just a few seconds after this shot Maisie grabbed my glass by the stem and gave me a wine shower…….I've quite forgotten how quick they can be!
 She adores her Poppa in an almost hypnotic way…she seems to melt in his arms and loves the whispers in the good ear……...

 Well I had better get back to typing these patterns and packing for a retreat….I am heading to the south coast of New South Wales on Friday which means two flights with one regional flight only allowing 15kgs! So 5kgs of notes were posted last week and thankfully they have all arrived safely. See you the other side of that x


  1. family days are best aren't they you show some interesting places there. I love the quilts that you show and so many of those blocks are so pretty I could see them made in separate blocks and have a wall of individual pieces.

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  3. She's such a precious. I went to do research on the fairy penguins in 86 - there were quite a few then. Loved visiting your country! I look forward to my copy of that book, Michelle.

  4. Oh we loved our time on Granite Island - in fact we adored that whole area. The horse drawn tram is so unique. Can't wait for that book to get finished - exciting times for you Michele.

  5. I love the quilt with the pearls-stunning. Wonderful insights seeing your grandchildren discover the world surrounded by love!


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