Sunday, 14 December 2014

It's on again!

Amongst "us quilters" (sorry about the grammar!), there is a saying……"when life gives you scraps make quilts". So that is exactly what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. It is the best therapy for me to focus and reflect. So I thought you might like to take a look at what I've been stitching. This is some progress on some of the projects for my first "Afternoon Tea Appliqué Series" books…..May Morris Comes to Afternoon Tea. All small projects that are not too overwhelming, including simple recipes and I am already planning on the Beatrix Potter Comes to Afternoon Tea book!………
Beatrix Potter you say??? Well the big news and the blog title "It's on again!" means the Whitecroft Tours are back on again!! Now I said when I came home just 3 months ago that I was all done with these trips but it took just an email request from Helen and then a phone call and how could I possibly say No! Having Larry with me will make all the difference so plans are underway. The first will be a Beatrix Potter tour based in the Lakes District. Larry and I have fond memories of many places including walks in Ambleside, a week in a B&B in Windermere where I had another memorable steam train ride on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite train - and how special it looks for the festive season……..
Then we will be combining the May and William Morris tours and spending half the tour staying closer to the London and surrounds Morris sights, and then the remainder of the tour in the charming Cotswolds………
The dates are to be confirmed but September/October 2016 gives time to save those $$$! If you would like to be on the mailing list just send Helen an email via the website. 
I absolutely love getting emails from Penny and Paul in Canada and just last week I received the above image………it is in a quilt shop!! What a fabulous place to sit…..for the men maybe but I think a coffee in front of that fire is just the thing! Penny has been helping set up and is now working in this brand new quilt shop from Bethany, Ontario - From the Heart Quilt Shop. They have a Facebook site but the website is still coming. How lucky are those of you who live locally?! I hear they have been run off their feet so here are a few more images. First up the owner Cyndy with husband Steve…..and the happy staff…..(Penny is on the far left!)

 So if you are in the area do visit the girls and say Hi from me….and a special hug to Penny if she is on duty too - just ask! I wish them all the very best in this new venture - I know Penny has been very busy with her own Morris designs and kits - such fun! I also received the latest Christmas photos from Paul 'at home' (someone has to keep the home fires burning Paul!!) I always look forward to Paul's photos too, especially the snow scenes as we swelter down under…….and what a tree they have this year……..

I hope things are not too hectic or sad in your part of the world as Christmas approaches. Take care till next time and enjoy our roses yet again….they just keep blooming!


  1. We always thought you would be off again, but just needed a chaperone! That is just so, so exciting. Next time we catch up I must show you may special Beatrix Potter book written in an odd /grammar/spelling, that was supposed to help children read at an early age. It never really took off, but some BP books were printed in limited quantities. One of my fav films is Miss Potter.Such exciting news!!!!!

  2. So exciting for you and I am so glad you are doing the tours again! 2016! Sounds so exciting.

  3. Potter AND Morrs - an irresistible combination! So glad you're ready to travel again. And your roses are exquisite.

  4. I'm s pleased that you have agreed to continue with your UK tours and hope to be able to join on one. It is also lovely you have some good news to celebrate after the challenges you've been facing. Much love, Jan

  5. how fun that tour sounds - I always loved the Beatrix Potter books - the illustrations are beautiful.
    The photos you show on your post today are so pretty - this is the kind of quilt shop I love to visit - the pretty shops are the ones I like to spend time in wandering and a fireplace at this time of year in the north is so welcoming

  6. Welcome back Michele! All that love and best wishes that everyone wrapped you in worked a treat.

    So excited to see progress on your new book. Looks wonderful.

  7. Oh those tours sound so tempting! I'm off to find a big teapot to start putting my spare $$ in so maybe -??
    Lovely photos Michele - you always share the best. Life will be hectic for a bit - my mom is having surgery at 88 and I will be with her for two weeks. We're celebrating Christmas on the 6th - Three Kings Day. Good thing that is our usual custom. Blessings,

  8. Michele, I am so glad that you are touring again! You provided my sisters and I with an exceptional experience with William Morris in July! Looking forward to the new book immensely and all those lovely projects. I have some images from the Novocastrian quilters expo which I will try to send over the holidays. Merry Christmas. Jenny


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