Sunday, 28 December 2014

Another Christmas over

It has been a quiet Christmas in the Hill household this year. It is always difficult getting both of our girls and their partners together on the 25th so for the past few years we've done breakfast. Now there are little ones we have decided to have "dinner" on Christmas Eve. This is the second year we've done that and again with an aqua theme - but this time in our new home………….

 And of course Christmas "down under" is generally spent outdoors as it is usually warm, so the cooking is done outdoors as well on the Weber - ham and all…...
Miss Maisie arrived in style dressed for the occasion….. 

Present opening is always fun and this was the hit of the night from Auntie Sophie and Uncle Tim…..
 Christmas morning we popped around to see what Santa had left the little ones at their home - what excitement…

 So Christmas lunch and dinner was a quiet one for us and it makes you think of the many people who must spend it alone..a sad time for many. Since then we've not been idle. A bit of house maintenance, gardening and Larry had some painting to finish on the new pergola……but the ladder and roof made for some very nervous moments!
As for me……well two more projects are completed for the new May Morris Appliqué book. That means all the sewing is finished so now it is time to complete all the typing of instructions etc. My printer has set out a schedule meaning it needs to be ready to print by the first week of February which also means it should be ready for sale at AQC in April! Wish me well …… 


  1. A lot of us have quite Christmas's I think. I know we do with our grandchildren some distance from us we do not get to see them unwrap presents. Our older daughter and her husband came over Christmas night for an evening meal but other than that it has been quite here. Love that very last wall hanging that you show very pretty!

  2. Look forward to seeing the pattern book! Maisie looks so adorable! So does Beau - those curls! Wishing you a blessed new year, Michele.

  3. Lovely photos Michele. Happy, happy times with the family. So looking forward to the new book! Hugs for the new year - may it be a really special one for us all.

  4. From Eileen, Gayndah, Qld. Looking forward to your new book. Love your designs and your Completed Patchwork. Happy New Year to you.

  5. WOW who got that doll house? That is a gem..... and the crackers....tell me what the deal is with those??? my brother sent some this year and I look awful in the paper crown .... so am I jinxed for a year or something if I don't wear it? And that baby is another mini YOU!!! Good going to get a lot of pictures of you with the kids... time will tell how long this look alike thing goes on. Happy New Year !

  6. Thank you for sharing your family Christmas-we love the doll's house and Maisie looked beautiful in her Christmas outfit. The book is certainly something to look forward to, even by those who do not have time to embroider-today I spent helping Ken sort our nails:)

  7. OMG Michele what a darling Christmas angel, and all catastrophies taken care of with superman on standby

  8. Awesome Christmas pics Michele. Absolutely love Maisie's red shoes! Maisie and Beau are just delightful and the Christmas Eve get together is such a good idea. Christmas was special for us this year, it being Scarlett's first Christmas. Not sure how Christmas is going to be handled in the future but I am sure that we will work it out. Can't wait to see your new book!


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