Sunday, 14 September 2014

Two weekends in one

It would seem I haven't posted for two weekends as my photos show we've had Father's day and a visit to the Royal Adelaide Show. So first with Father's Day where we had a lovely lunch together and of course the little ones always take centre stage…….(and somehow I didn't get a photo of the two Dads on their special day…..Sorry Brett and Larry!)
I've been busy all week attending my volunteer role of entering almost 160 quilts into a computer data base as we plan for our annual exhibition. But this weekend we've reflected on a wonderful day at the Royal Adelaide Show. Each major city holds one of these and the focus is not just all sideshows and show bags - it is really a time for our rural neighbours to showcase what they do and to enter all sorts of competitions. Maisie had her specialist visit in the morning so we had Beau for the day and decided to go by train…..a big hit of course….
It was a bittersweet day as only a couple of hours before we arrived an 8 year old girl tragically lost her life. She was thrown from a ride and so dreadful for her mother who witnessed it. It consumed our thoughts and at times you did feel guilty enjoying these moments - but hopefully it was a day Beau will remember until the next time we go! 

 A quick look at the produce halls but time to meet Emily, Brett and Maisie first…...

 A quick stroll though the animal nursery but this year no opportunities for the little ones to touch the animals……….

 I wonder what these bantams thought of their hairstyles!…...

 Then it was on to looking for Thomas the Tank engine (who we never found), but on the way we were reminded of Beau's love of music. Some performers caught his eye and my photos don't really show his dance style - but believe me he has rhythm, dancing and singing in his blood!….. 

 And then  spontaneous applause from him……..he'll be on stage like his Dad one day!
We did find a train but when Beau got off he wasn't impressed that he had to go in a carriage and not the engine so it was lovely that the staff member allowed him another half ride at the front!

 Then is was sideshow time with a couple of games. First catching 'Nemo' with Daddy and winning a turtle……..

 The the clowns with Poppa and he chose a sword this time as his prize….I think he could get used to this!…..

 Yeh…..a Thomas showbag!……..
 By evening it was getting chilly but one little person had the best spot for that……..
It was time to say goodbye and then Larry and I had a visit to some other sights…..

 The halls are full of all sorts from cakes to chutneys, quilts to embroidery………...

 even William Morris appeared…..first in a cross stitched screen…….
 and then in one of my designs from a local lady and she received a ribbon too…...
 and another one of my designs and another ribbon…..well done girls!
 For some reason I missed the Best of Show quilts which were tucked in a corner that we must have walked straight past but these were all fabulous………….
 A friend's husband made this one. Ray restores antique sewing machines and his knowledge is amazing - well done Ray!
And congratulations Helen and sorry I missed your other winning quilts………..
Lots of other handicrafts as well……...

The scent of the floral displays was overwhelming especially the columns of lilies. All the displays looked amazing considering they've been up for well over a week……..

 Sophie Thompson from Gardening Australia had a wonderful display. She is a local girl and her display of space for children was fun…..
 even a tunnel and quiet spot for little ones……...

 This year featured a scarecrow competition with entries from schools……...
 It was dark and cold as we left munching some delightful hot donuts (!!)  ……...

 So finally I just want to finish with these gorgeous photos taken just before the family left. Emily and Brett were informed that morning that Maisie is in fact deaf on one side and that reconstructive surgery is something quite radical and will not be done for many years, if at all. For now we are all blessed with those gorgeous eyes and cherub lips (and facial expressions just like her Daddy)! This bonnet is so pretty and one of a couple made by a friend - thankyou Vanessa - this one certainly suits her…………
 Take care where ever you are till next time x


  1. What a precious little girl. I have a friend who had a daughter born deaf and had those implants, she is amazing, in regular school, plays scoccer, rides horses,playes basketball and she is 8 or 9. Not a disability at all for her. Maisie's parents will do the right thing for her when the time is right.
    I love your family pictures, then the quilt pictures a close second. But nothing beats family. I am praying for your family. Margaret

  2. Wonderful post and lovely to see your special grandies!

  3. The fair pictures are just spot on this time of year!! Great joy.

    I am encouraged that Maisie has one ear to hear and can learn perfect speech and those around her can learn enunciation and articulation... the world is an open book for just like for her brother.... in time I know he will be her great champion in all thing hearing.

  4. Hi Michele, with a family like yours little Maisie will sail through life. She is a lovely little possum.
    I saw a couple of your designs at the Samford quilters show last week. They were beautifully done.
    It is hard to believe it is a whole year since we were in the Cotswolds having a fabulous time!


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