Friday, 5 September 2014

A Quilt for Kelmscott Manor

It seems lately I have got into the habit of giving away some of my treasured quilts for worthy causes but I think that might stop very soon! Mind you with little Maisie's microtia there may well be something I can do in the future to help that cause. But for now this is who will benefit from my latest gift……..
It is for Kelmscott Manor - the place where William Morris lived and called 'A heaven on earth'. 

There are much needed funds required to ensure ongoing preservation so I am hoping the up and coming auction with the The Society of Antiquaries will help make that happen.  I am very thrilled and excited to be a small part of it all and if you click on this link you will go to the online catalogue which has just been launched. This is the link: September 25th Auction Catalogue

It is so thrilling to be among such incredible pieces……I am lot #69……..
I would dearly love lot #75 - A Morris Sussex chair but I have no idea how I would get it to Australia!
And I also quite like lot #75 - a Morris and Co table………
But I am sure this could reach Australia without too much trouble - an original copy of May Morris's book "Decorative Needlework"……..
So if you would like to own one of my William Morris quilts (featured in my first book), then make a bid. If you live 'down under' it only cost us $100AU to post it to the UK so surely it would be the same coming back - and you would be contributing to a very worthy cause…..go for it or at least check out the amazing 88 lots up for auction - THANKYOU!


  1. How generous of you donating such an outstanding quilt. I would want that of all the things. I hope they collect millions for such a good cause. Margaret in Texas

  2. Your generosity and dedication to assist in the preservation work is extraordinary. We are just so blessed to have one of your extraordinary designs at Thorngrove. Our architectural Art entry did not make it to the finals of the Regional Awards in the Art Category, as expected, as it is so left field for the category-there is always next year. It is brilliant that the quilt did not get lost in the post. We have some friends who we are sure will be interested in the auction.
    Love Nydia&Ken

  3. You are such an amazing person for giving away your works for good causes. That one is really something special. The quilt you gave up looks really gorgeous and I'm sure it would be loved in whatever home it may find. I hope the auction was a huge success. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Norman Watkins @ Giving Works


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