Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Relaxation is almost over

Our wonderful 5 days are almost over.....Kay and I are rather weary but overwhelmed with the kindness of our quilting hosts.....way too much food but what lasting memories. A day or so ago Jan took us to Buda Historic Home in Castlemaine and we were delighted with the embroideries. The ladies of the house were great followers of the Arts and Crafts movement (Mr Morris would have been impressed!), so much of their handiwork reflects this.

 Last time I wore these (apart from nursing days!), was in St Petersburg at the Hermitage Museum and it was a challenge for the guide to put them on Kay's moon boot!!
 Yeah....all fitted and ready to go!

 There was also a collection of Margaret Preston prints.....

Another adventure included a visit to the Ballarat Botanical gardens to see the begonia display........

 We also enjoyed breakfast at Craig's Royal Hotel visit their website at the link as the photos of the interior are very 'William Morris' and the history is fascinating. Many royals have also stayed there....

 Yesterday was a day full of stitching (and eating of course), but photos are on my phone and I can't upload them until I get home so instead this is our day today at Mill Rose Cottage.........

 Sue not only has a cafe next door but now she has the most divine B&B just for quilters!! Inside is sensational - all up market with sophistication so I can feel a retreat coming up....maybe a teaching one!!

 I've been very restrained with the shopping (As sadly we still haven't sold our townhouse....but hopefully soon!), but I really couldn't leave this Liberty print behind.........(Sorry's to be turned into another shirt I hope!)
So tomorrow we will be up with the birds for our flight home....for me it will be back to reality with a load of preparation needed before heading to the Riverland on Friday for a weekend International Quilters Day event. See you the other side of that......


  1. What beautiful embroideries. I just love looking at old textiles and stitching. Still praying your house sells soon. Ours has not sold yet either. :(

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed Buda. Buda has just hosted a beautiful goldwork exhibtion of Lesley Uren's work which finished on 16th March so you must have just missed it! Sorry I missed you but it sounds like you fitted in a lot in your short time in Castlemaine.Look forward to seeing you in your new blouse.

  3. What a gorgous break, love the look of Buda, always wanted to go there and never made it. Love the MP prints!

  4. As usual lovely photos of your trip, thank you for sharing. I have a length of the same Strawbery Thief Liberty to make a smock for 3 year old grandaughter.


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