Monday, 3 March 2014

A weekend away

Sadly I was away for the Bedford Mystery quilt mega class this past weekend which you can read about here. I received a few photos today (thanks Candy), and it is indeed humbling to see so many participants and helpers attend - 83 quilters stitching at the same time - have a look at some pictures on the Blog

Meanwhile I was a tutor at Hobbysew's My Creative Escape 2014. It was a well organised event and as a tutor we were well looked after. The venue is very comfortable and the staff and catering sensational here at Stanwell Tops. I will let some of these images do the talking…….the welcome included platters of food, drinks and goodie bags……(and tea and coffee on tap 24/7)

Every participant was able to do a session with each of the tutors - the tutors just rotated between classes - clever idea and all our projects were very different. There was a bit of pre planning from both staff and the tutors and I was a little worried about what could be achieved in 3 hours. But the Hobbysew team did an amazing job and each participant was given a kit and at no extra cost - mine were all pre cut and fused ready to go……

I was joined by the talented Amanda Daly and Chris Jurd and we all agreed this was an amazing retreat to teach at and for a camp site the accommodation was 5 star…….. 

Bingo night was most entertaining and all the funds go to Sew Aid International a charity developed by Hobbysew. I had a tear in my eye seeing what could be achieved teaching sewing to third world communities - so another great cause through the art of stitching. Not only bingo fun but a few wines and a bit of dancing too……

 The donated prizes were never ending and at the end of the night someone won a sewing machine and what a deserving winner! When Amanda did my class her old machine did not have a blanket stitch so she couldn't really achieve what she wanted.……well this new one has four blanket stitches -  congratulations Amanda - well deserved!
The only negative to the weekend was that it rained, rained and rained. You can see the waterfall in the distance and just before we left the sun came out (of course!!), so I also got some photos of the stunning banksias……

 But all good things have to come to an end…….so thanks so much to all the Hobbysew team and helpers and of course to all the participants - if you didn't come there would be no event!

 I will leave you with a friend that I captured this morning in our garden on the strong scented jasmine…….. 
Oh dear - time to get back to that schedule of things to do……..

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  1. Glad you had a great time, you could have brought some of that rain back with you though!!


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