Thursday, 9 January 2014

Back to Business

A brand New Year means time to get organised (apart from selling a home and moving!!)… I have finally updated my calendar for the year which you can find by clicking on the 'Calendar' tab at the top of this blog. I am also very excited to announce that Lloyd Curzon Textiles will be stocking a selection of my patterns! I have worked with the Curzon team for over 4 years now with the fabric ranges and they have always been incredibly supportive and encouraging of my quilting journey. It has taken a couple of years for me to finally get it all together and you can see the eleven patterns in the 'Gallery and Patterns' tab also at the top of the blog. Some are resurrected patterns and some that have only been available through workshops. Of course other designs are available from Country Bumpkin Publications in my books and as separate patterns. The following are newer designs that have previously not been available:

I am sorry but this is initially for Australian quilters but I can let you know where they are being stocked for online purchase from overseas. Wholesale enquiries can be made direct to Lloyd Curzon.

I have recently also received some more lovely "Show and Tell" from afar. Firstly this gorgeous quilt from Christine for her brand new grand-daughter……just gorgeous……(the pattern is from More William Morris in Applique)….
Pam from the US emailed me some years ago telling me about her charity work which she calls "comfort" work. I was so touched by her story that I sent her a selection of designs for her projects. You can see more of her story here at this Link. And more in her words:
"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the amazing ways that you unknowing, have shaped and changed my life.  I wrote to you two years ago, asking for permission to use your designs for my charity projects.  Not only did you gladly do that, you sent me every beautiful pattern that you have ever made free of charge. :)  
I am still working on my comfort projects(I do not like the word charity) and what a time I have had.  We have been on tv and several newpapers with our charity projects! While I am right now teaching children, and they are close, but not quite ready for William Morris designs, but they have learned his wisdom, his love for all beautiful things and more importantly, the love of helping others, caring for others and we spend all of our free time making beautiful quilts for others!!

I have taught the William Morris class for the  past 4 years at local quilt shops, and have given women the ability and confidence to make the whole" Friendship quilt" by hand, making each stitch a labor of love.  

I actually gave a Friendship quilt(embroidered by hand) to each of my sons, and the label I wrote was as follows:  "Every stitch on this quilt represents a time that you have brought me great joy"

Every day of my life involves William Morris in some aspect and my goal is still to send his message to all parts of the world through sewing".  
Thanks so much for sending me these lovely images Pam……

What a great way to continue the enthusiasm for William Morris! So back to the packing here at home with 'business' organised. Hopefully this year I can find the time to create more new designs……and Beatrix Potter nibbles away at me too - so stay tuned! xx


  1. I love the quilt in the 3rd photo - such a lacy looking quilt

  2. Very exciting to see more of your patterns published. Good luck with the move and house sale!

  3. I made the black and white table runner a few months ago. It's beautiful! Hope your house sells soon so you can move forward.

  4. Wonderful news. Your generosity is catching, Pam you are a treasure like Michele. Margaret

  5. Winter greetings from Canada. I recently discovered one of your books at the local library and shared it with my quilt friends over lunch yesterday. What beautiful work! I would like to know if any of your patterns are available individually?


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