Saturday, 18 January 2014

A hot week at home

This past week will be one to remember for a number of reasons. First of all we have just experienced 5 days straight with temperatures above 42 degrees. One day it was predicted that we would be the "hottest city in the world" with an expected maximum of 46C (almost 115F!). But it didn't quite make it - it was still 45C and with that kind of heat comes the hot nights as well….and the inevitable tragedies of bush fires, lost homes and even human life lost. The wildlife loss must be horrendous and we heard tonight of a farmer losing thousands of sheep. More news and photos at the ABC News site…..
Finally last night the temperatures dropped but preceding this was a very noisy and spectacular storm. Local photographers have been sharing photos all day and they are truly spectacular. You can see more here

And it is heart warming (no pun intended!), to see images like this too……..

So what did we do during this extreme weather event? Well we decided to get the tiles regrouted in our new home - problem is no tiler would do it as it is apparently easier to rip them all up and replace them. Well being naive we threw ourselves into the task and we discovered why no-one will do it unless you pay thousands of dollars! The noise, the mess and the dust is an experience we don't want to repeat - not to mention our hands, knees and backs……moan, moan! This was the grouting in some areas before our attack….
 Larry used the electric equipment and I used the hand held device…..
 In all it was about 60 square metres and took the two of us 3 days….

So the job is done and all up for about $800 including a professional tiler doing new grout and silicone edging…and it looks amazing! I am now looking forward to decorating and putting our own stamp on the place. Included in the make-over will be some painting, changes to the window treatments and new lights. Some time ago I received the most incredible gift of some William Morris curtain fabric …..this will be made up to go in the formal dining room. So stay tuned for the changes…..
Tomorrow we have another open for inspection with the hope of a much needed sale as we will be moving all our belongings in just over a week. So on a final note I wanted to share a special evening that we had with the girls (and partners), that I did my nursing training with almost 40 years ago - minus a very special friend who lives in the country (miss you Deb xx)! It is quite scary to think we started training that long ago! Everyone in the photo is still nursing…..except me because quilting took over! I have been away from nursing for nearly 4 years and do miss it at times. It was a good night with many laughs……

Have a great week and I hope all is well in your part of the world x


  1. I do not envy your heat - I hope we do not have it when summer comes as part of our state is still in a drought that has been with us for 3 years now - this winter has not given us the moisture we need even though we have had a heavy rain now and then. Love the Koala's!

  2. I don't envy you that un-grouting job, but you have saved a lot such a lot of money, it looks great.

  3. not a week I want to see repeated any time soon. Fires were too close also, hope your move goes well.

  4. Regrouting or removing grouting sounds like a horrible job, but at least the tiles would be cool? Glad that week is over and this week is only around 30C. So hope they get no winds and the CFS get a chance to get the fires under control. My Dad spent yesterday shooting sheep in the Grampians that were burnt, heart breaking work, but the least he could do for folk, to lessen the load.
    So hope your house sells soon, good luck with the move.

  5. Oh, dear - 108 degrees is hot! That's what we've been having in our summers - I feel your distree in that heat. And yes, the devastation is horrible. We just had a big fire nearby - no life loss, but still a big worry. And to take on that grout job - you guys are incredible!
    Stay cool.


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