Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas Day is here and another time of family and reflecting. This time of year we think of those who aren't with us anymore and those who we used to share many Christmases with. 
(missing you so much Debbie and Gary! xx)
No longer are there parents to drive and visit, so today we are having a chill out day really doing nothing! Last night was perfect weather for dinner outside (and as I write this our Canadian friends are enjoying Christmas Eve by the cosy fire where it is minus 25C outside!). Larry and I can't even imagine being that cold but I kind of would like to experience one white Christmas in my lifetime! I seemed to spend two days preparing and have to admit I did go a bit overboard with the silver/aqua theme!! 

This year I found colour themed kitchen accessories that the family could take home……(can be seen in the wine glasses with birds atop)

I forgot to photograph the food but believe me it was good! Leftovers for a few days including prawns, ham, turkey and salads…..

Emily did the most amazing potato bake and Sophie a delicious pavlova that Beau sampled…….

 So after all the excitement it was time to just sit back and do a bit of chilling out…….
Sometimes I wonder why I take personal pictures of all this family time and put it on a blog??!! Well I guess I am keeping these memories for future generations as Larry has me turn them into hard back diary books from time to time. So for now - thanks for listening to me 'rave on' - and for those "up North" you get to see how we did it "down South"! So from our family to yours…...a very Merry Christmas and hope it is a day filled with all you want it to be xx 
(And yes the tripod and camera timer worked!)


  1. Merry Christmas Michele... Beautiful table setting... Love the birds :) Enjoyed your precious family shots as well. Take care.

  2. Merry Christmas beautiful table setting and all the decorations look so fine.

  3. Merry Christmas, from Vancouver, Canada!

  4. What a lovely celebration you had! Merry Christmas to you all from sunny California where it is 81 degrees outside. No, we are not having a white Christmas, but that's all right with me.
    Angie in SoCal

  5. Wow, your Christmas colour scheme looks great, maybe I shall have to "raise the bar" for Christmas in July!! And I also put family in my blog, so that it is in the book that I get printed. Thanks Michele.


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