Thursday, 13 June 2013

Time flies

As one gets older it seems time goes a little faster....I cannot believe it is 11 days since I last blogged! We've been a little downhearted here in the Hill household with sad family and friend news....but as they say - life does go on. I had the weekend at Jude's Sanctuary and I put in a mammoth number of hours doing some machine appliqué. The fire kept us warm each day.......
And here is a little progress to share. Pauline soldiered on with unfinished projects despite feeling a little unwell.......(and for some reason I missed out on catching Helen at work)

 Pat was probably the overachiever completing several bags......
 and this wonderful red and white quilt.......
Christina continued piecing her reproduction star blocks.....her work is meticulous and her points so perfect......

 As for Jude....well she was supposed to be having a weekend of sewing too but that chair was empty quite often!!......
 Val was working on Lessa Siegele's "Ring Cycles". (And do you know you can join Lessa in Fiji later this year - details are all HERE. You can also join Lessa on a cruise around New Zealand in February 2014 as well - more details for that one HERE)
 Jocelyn worked on completing her machine embroidered blocks that she had done in Jude's class. Wonderful machine stitching that had pieces from the past in it......

This was the scene after a late night of frenzied stitching........
 and we also got the chance to catch up on this while we stitched!!.....
 Jude has some new friends in the garden and her flowers continue to bloom.......

 ...and I am pleased to say Jude did finally get some work done....the evidence is on the floor!!!...
Mignon dropped by to share her exquisite hand pieced hexagons........just beautiful.......

 I was pleased to finally visit Val's historic little store in nearby Mundulla. A small village with a charm about it and full of history.

 Gorgeous celling rose......

 On the way back Jude took us to see the rare white kangaroo colony. The first was born in 1984 and you can read more about them HERE.....
Now I won't show the shot of Jude tucking into this but it was nice to see her unwinding! Thanks Jude for another wonderful weekend of friendship and time out - you are a treasure xx
 When I got home cuddles were way overdue but again the books win!!
 He is growing up way too fast!
I also had the most wonderful thankyou gift in the mail from Queensland. Rose didn't have enough fabric to complete a quilt so I popped some in the post for her...and look what came back! Lucky me - Thankyou Rose - I will treasure the cushion always xx
So because there is a little sadness about our place I have decided it is time to share some I am giving away some leftover Block of the Month pattern packs for the Adelaide Collection Floral Sampler. (detail is of Jude's exquisite quilting)

In November 2011, I blogged that my quilt had gone missing in the post - well it is still missing so maybe one day I might make another. I have no original fabrics left and they are no longer available, but I am sure you and I can substitute and even think about using a darker background. So I have 8 complete pattern sets to give away. Leave me a message and I will get Larry to do another lucky dip. (I will leave it for a week before we do the draw). May this bring joy to others and smiles to those who need them xx


  1. I feel greedy being the first to comment, but I would love to win your Adelaide Collection floral sampler, it is a quilt I have often admired and thought about making. Looks like a fun weekend away stitching with friends.Little Beau is beautiful!

  2. Wonderful pictures and I wish I could have been there for all the fun. Friends, stitching and Downton Abbey. What could be better? I would dearly love to win a set of patterns for your gorgeous quilt. I think a darker background fabric would give it a wonderful new look!

  3. It was fun to see photos of the lovely ladies that you were with when we had our Aussie late night/ Canadian breakfast email chat! Love the fire! Just like the Dormy House...


  4. I wait BIG TIME for your blogs. Your photography has made my admiration for Wm Morris grow and I have a new love for all things Austrailan, I almost feel like I can smell the flowers and taste the food and hug Beau and stitch with your amazing group of friends. Thank you for everything you take the time to do and the opportunity to win the patterns. Waving from Texas, Margaret Foster

  5. Cherish the happy memories Michelle. Glad you enjoyed a fun time in Bordertown, I have been recently and definately going back again!

  6. Greetings from New Zealand - Michele you always brighten my day - thank you for sharing your special times with everyone - your a true inspiration.

  7. i always enjoy your tails of your busy life, and watching as your gorgeous grandson grows up,

  8. think that should have been "Tales"

  9. Am sewing your wonderful "Dear William" and am having so much fun with it. So Of course I would be absolutely chuffed to win! Downton Abbey and chocolate perfect!

  10. Hi Michele,
    I would be overjoyed if I was lucky
    enough to have the opportunity to be the recipient of your beautiful pattern. What better is there to do on these cold, dark days than to be by the fire playing with fabric and thread? Every bit as good as Downton Abbey and chocolate.

    Love and Hugs,
    Denise Pentreath

  11. I'm so sorry about your lost quilt.
    The patterns are beautiful.
    Nancy Mohrlyn

  12. Michelle, what a great project for me AFTER I finish hand quilting Kelscott, love your patterns and your generosity. Sad to hear the lost quilts never found their way home. Better run, I'm off to retreat at Cave Hill Creek :-) Delwyn

  13. Mignon would love a set Michele, but she doesn't have the computer, so this is her message, she is standing here now, I showed her the photos on your blog, she loves your dear little grandson.

  14. Oh Michele what a treat it would be to win one of these. It looks like you had fun at the retreat - quilting buddies always help the sad times to be more bearable.

    Thanks for the chance.


  15. I'm so sorry you've been having sad times, but I hope the happiness of the retreat helped a bit. Looking forward to seeing your quilt at Nikki Jarvis's exhibition!

  16. You are just so generous and giving as usual, I would love to win your patterns to add to my collection. So sorry to hear your household sadness woes, maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day for you all.

  17. Michele, I love your generosity and I am sure it will be rewarded in the future, Best Wishes Edith

  18. Hi Michelle, good to see you enjoying some "me" time in your busy schedule. I've admired your work immensely, I would dearly love a chance to win your patterns. Keep up the great work and inspiration
    Tanya from Whyalla :)

  19. Hi Michelle I love your work you have such wonderful designs.
    Thanks Viv in cold New Zealand

  20. So sorry for your sadness. Hope brighter days are just around the corner.

  21. You are just so generous - I would love to win your patterns to add to my collection. I'm still working on some cushions from your class in Feb. The kids keep me on my toes and I fit in my appliqué in as much spare time as I can. Hope this week is brighter for you.

  22. I hope that the days are brighter and happier for you. Would love to win one of the pattern sets. Thank you for being so generous.

  23. Michelle - thanks for your interesting stories, I just love reading your blog, so much inspiration, and you share so much interesting things with us readers. many thanks.

  24. I love reading your blog and seeing all the Morris inspired quilts and other things. I'd love to win these patterns! I already have the perfect fabric with your Adelaide collection, among other Morris inspired fabrics.

  25. I love this quilt pattern and would also love to make a quilt like this. I love looking at anything Morris! I've been getting into applique alot these days. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Just read about the drawing for the pattern packs. Hope I am not to late to enter. thanks!


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