Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Quilt Convention is over - phew!

What a wonderful four days meeting quilters in my classes from all around Australia and New Zealand - and even Singapore! Thanks so much girls for coming and sorry I lost my voice! The Mystery class went down well (I think!) and I can reveal what we did! First I am showing the architecture from the building and then my interpretation........
The cushion...
The table or bed runner.....
 And the quilt - unfinished of course!!..... (room for lots of machine quilted feathers)
And now some of the class results. Participants were told to just bring two colours (and maybe a third), and they had no idea what they were doing............
It is a great honour to be a part of the Australasian Quilt Convention. There will be many quilt photos on the web - from me here a just a few - especially of the stunning building interior
 The "Boss"..............
 The "other Boss"!.............
 The delightful Kay Haerland ........
 And one of her earlier quilts and some detail - I love the beading!

So it is time I 'hit the sack' but before I go.........those first eleven of you who have left a comment from the previous post giveaway.....you will all be sent a copy! So please email me your address so I can pop it in the post.
Have a great week X


  1. Wow, your class patterns are amazing and such a wonderful reminder of a beautiful venue! Thanks again for the pattern win.

  2. Everything is just gorgeous! I wish I was there. Beautiful!

  3. I LOVE that black and white cushion! I think I must do one of them.

  4. What a wonderful idea to use the building's decoration as inspiration for your designs. Your students did wonderful work!
    I love the table runner.
    Thank you for the pattern from your previous giveaway. :)

  5. Your work is stunning as always Michele. Well done & lucky ladies in your class.
    I absolutely love that building; its full of inspiration.

  6. Michele,
    I want to scream so you can hear me in Australia. The black and white pillow is as we say in the U.S. "drop dead" I am going to study group tonight and we are going to spend the time drooling over it!!!!
    Meanwhile it looks like you have been very busy and I am so envious of the show it looks like the best int he world. Hope to hear from you when you recover from the week.

  7. Hi Michele. I was lucky enough to take a class with you during the convention. Such a relaxed and happy class! I'm still getting shredding through sewing too close to the applique -sigh- but my points are looking good!

    Cheers - Lesley (Tassie)

  8. I did some of my Uni exams in the Exhibition Building. It was very difficult to concentrate on Calculus when there was so much beauty around!


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