Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Belated Easter greetings

What a week it has been! I have not been to bed before 2am for over a week but it is all done! I will reveal the AQC mystery class projects next week when I get back. Hopefully there will be 20 happy quilters - how brave enrolling in a mystery applique class for two days and not even knowing what is in store for them!

Anyway a Happy Belated Easter - sorry but you have to put up with more pictures of the wee boy! (thanks Emily and Brett for this great photo!)
Beau has just started to smile - very exciting!
 This was possibly a good dream but more likely wind!!!
Easter Saturday....what a treasure
 A new full time Mum and Emily still had time to make these for us!
And Brett made this divine slice........yum

So it is time for me to spread some Easter warmth - I know it is a bit late but I am going to dig out some old patterns to share. First up is this design - the quilt has never been finished - one day? It all started with an image from the Grammar of Ornament book (19th century), by Owen Jones:

It is a bas-relief from the Scuola di San Marco, Venice and below is my interpretation...
 And then many months later I was given this beautiful gift of the very same image in plaster - such a coincidence!

So if you think you would like a copy of this design it is yours! It will be the drawings only that you can then applique. I will put ten copies aside so leave me a message and Larry can do a lucky draw next week.

And finally some time ago Caroline from New Zealnd emailed me and she could not contain her excitement as she had won a 1st place Applique award for her version of Portiere (from "More William Morris Applique"). Congratulations Caroline and thanks for sharing......
Take care until next time X


  1. What a beautiful design! I would love to have a copy of the pattern. Thank you for all of the inspiration that I receive from reading your blog and books.

  2. What a lovely pattern Michele. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy! Please enter me in the draw. Gorgeous wee boy!


  3. I would be thrilled to win a copy of that beautiful pattern. Your little grandson is just adorable, I am sure you are having fun with him.

  4. Greetings Michele, Please enter me in the draw for this beautiful pattern - Such a talented family - not only quilts - but superb sweet treats of "every" kind.

  5. Easter Greetings to you too Michele.

    Beau is gorgeous! Love that smile. :)

    I would love a copy of that beautiful design. Please enter me in your draw. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Have fun at AQC.

  6. Happy Belated Easter to You Too Michele..oh my your little Beau is just Gorgeous love the pic of him Smiling...
    Your Design is Lovely thanks for the chance to win one...
    looking forward to catching up with you in Sydney hope you will have time for a cuppa...

  7. What a beautiful design you have chosen to do, I would love to win a copy for myself to create and play with. Happy Easter to you and your family also.

  8. Gorgeous design, and, yes please I would love a copy of it! Thanks for the chance, Dianne

  9. Happy Easter Nana,

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful pattern by my Bucket List teacher. LOL

    Have a wonderful time with the little treasure,

    best wishes


  10. You are the happiest of Grandmothers and I know why, he is darling. Thanks for the pictures you share with us and for the chance to win a pattern of your design. With love, Margaret in Texas

  11. Love the design, just beautiful. Beau's smile is priceless and heartwarming.


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