Friday, 6 January 2012

No explanation needed!

From the ABC news:

"An Australia Post worker in a small Victorian town has been sacked after police charged him with stealing mail.
More than $60,000 worth of property was seized - equating to four trailer loads of items - including WWI and WWII medals, women's lingerie, televisions, jewellery and piles of registered mail.
Peter Martin Jackson, 53, has been charged with obtaining property by deception.
He is charged only in relation to cashing in three Bunnings vouchers stolen from the mail after he was caught on CCTV cameras.
Property and mail has been going missing from the post in the Castlemaine area for the past six years.
Police are now trying to reunite more than 1,000 items with their owners.
Australia Post says it understands the distress caused by the thefts, but says it has rigorous detection measures in place and it is an isolated case."


  1. I saw this item on the news and wondered if you had seen it. I immediately thought of you as I was watching and was waiting to see if they mentioned quilts, but it was just war medals.

  2. An isolated case - 6 years worth???
    Have they checked his bed for any stolen quilts?? Good luck on finding them.

  3. Oh I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your lovely quilts will be finally returned to you!! Keep us posted!

  4. oohh Michele I hope your Boxes are amongst the Stolen Items.
    Good Luck!!

  5. i don't believe its an isolated case. A few years ago my Local post office advised me not to put high value stamps on a parcel as the parcel would be stolen for the stamp value alone. Very annoying as i am a collector and the franked stamps would have been returned to me.

    I am still hoping your parcels are returned.

  6. My heart leapt when I heard that news story and my first thoughts were I hope Michelle's quilts are amongst it. I have everything crossed for you Michelle.

  7. Oh there is hope! Good luck Michele!!

  8. Hmmm wheres the justice??? I dont think that word is in the dictionary any more! Aust Post sort there own mail delivery area out so they have plenty of time to scam what they are delivering these days! Terrible misuse of trust from the people. Lets hope it sorts out your missing packages and like others have said maybe your quilt is in his house!

  9. Yyyyyyyaaaaaayyyyy! So excited for this victory!,for so many!, including you, I am quite positive! Great news! Who says one person can not make a difference?!? Good for you for keeping on..., never give up!

  10. I made a special quilt mailed it from my home in the USA to a family member in England. I had to fill out the paper work and wrote on it what it was "hand made quilt". I was very upset when the gift never made it to England. It never made it back t my house either. One year later to the exact day it arrived back in the USA at my house. True story. In mint condition. You just never know. Where was my quilt for an entire year??? I hope yours get returned.

  11. 200 years ago he would have been hanged.


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