Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Back drawing and stitching

Thankyou for all your messages about the continuing saga of my lost quilts. Sadly mine are "still lost". For those of you overseas: Castlemaine is a long way from home and my packages would not have ended up anywhere near there........well I think they wouldn't have!! So for now I am getting back to designing and stitching my way through that list! I have also had a chance to potter and plant in out new courtyard garden.
 Tam and Sue............the William Morris rose is blooming!
 I've planted one of my favourite trees - a silver birch
 ...and a Gingko tree

 And a sneak peek above and below at the grand baby's quilt! The new parents put in their order for 'Vintage Mickey and Minnie'. Now I am not sure about copyright here and I hope I am not in strife for putting this on the blog....but a few of you have asked what I was doing for the baby!! This design is only for personal use and I have to say I think William Morris designs are far easier to draw and applique than these characters! But I do know Emily and Brett are thrilled with the little peek at the work in progress
Now to the best part of my week...........My wonderful husband has found a new skill!! I hate not being able to help more with the cutting of kits for the Bedford mystery quilt project... so who better to take my place? Larry has found a new skill and just in time before he retires in a few months! Yeah - no more cutting for me! Maybe I can train him to quilt all my quilts as well. What a treasure and such a great cause...

Do go and visit the  Bedford Mystery quilt blog for more pics and the latest info (and thankyou Larry XX)


  1. Good on you Larry, can see you wont be bored in your retirement!

  2. Sad to see your quilt is still lost. I love your William & Morris Rose, how exquisite...I hope you have a wonderful Year 2012.

  3. Your Garden looks Gorgeous...
    WOW Your Own Personal Cutter..Hope he doesn't get Bored with it all and gets lots done for you...
    what a Time Saver..LOL

  4. Hi Michele, the rose looks great - ours has also been out here.
    Talk to you later!
    Tam and Sue

  5. Hi Michele
    What candy for your eyes!!! Just AMAZING. Thanks for sharing this with me. I have spent the last few hours catching up. So very sorry to hear the heart ache of loosing such treasured items, I do wish they come home soon. Im still not exactlly sure what goes into making a quilt but the result looks just sensational.
    Good luck with the new grand bubby coming along soon to. And good on Larry for getting in on the action also.
    Happy Stiching
    Lori Jaggard (flaggy dental) :)

  6. I've seen some really pretty old wall paper in an old maternity hospital which is now a home near me that a friend is renting and everytime I see it, I think of your blog. I really need to take a photo of it, don't I?


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