Thursday, 1 September 2011

Quilting in Paradise

Doesn't that sound enticing??!! I could do with a week of stitching bliss - so much to do and I dearly want to finish a quilt for our up and coming Exhibition - fingers crossed but there might have to be a lack of sleep somewhere!

Does this look like your idea of Paradise? Click on this link to Daku ....the destination of this piece of paradise.....sun, swimming, maybe a massage or two and best of all a quilting workshop thrown in - a whole seven nights and all for less than AU$3000 with airfares included! Now I know it is not a William Morris retreat but if your idea of total relaxation is sunshine, Fijian hospitality and quilting, then check out the courses you can do. In June it is with the wonderful Lessa Siegele (just click on the name) and in August with Gloria Loughman.

Deep breath and sigh.....ahhhh!


  1. Oh God that sounds soooo lovely, oooh for the time !!!!
    I have been thinking about you today, I have been doing some designing and i want to do Art Deco style flowers and they always remind me of your quilts.:)

    Hope you're well and feeling more settled in the new house.

    PS Not sure about the whole identity thing-a-mee !!!!

  2. Definitely sounds like paradise.

  3. Hi Michele, I see you worked out the link thing on here. Well done!

  4. Oh that heaven or what!!!!....but I still like the sound of the Cotswold trip for my liking....better save the $$$$ heh?


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