Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spring quilt market - Salt Lake city

Some very exciting news is about to be launched! I have been working with Jason Yenter for the last 5 months on my second fabric collection - how lucky am I? It was a great thrill to see some paper samples a few weeks ago and my drawings turned into fabric. Those of you lucky enough to be going to market this weekend will see the first images at the "In the Beginning fabrics" booth - please say Hi to Jason for me!
But for those of us not so lucky I will share some pictures as soon as I can. Two Aussies I know have travelled over there...........
Tamsin from Berrima Patchwork; and she has promised to email me some photos of the booth as soon as she can.
And Leesa Chandler; is also there and I believe she is delivering a hug to Jason for me!
So for now I will leave you with a few blocks of two brand new Block of the Month quilts I have designed using the collection. One is in the style of William Morris and the other in the Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau style. So stay tuned for more news!


  1. What exciting news Michele! Your blocks are gorgeous as always and I can't wait to see your new fabrics. I love the pinks! Always happy to see a new BOM from you too. Best wishes.

  2. How wonderful, I can't wait. I'll keeping looking for the fabric line. Just purchased your second book and I love it and also have the first book and made a mini-quilt from it so far. Thank you so very much for your wonderful work keeping the William Morris spirit alive...

  3. Michele I will have to get you the photos tomorrow, each time I walked pass the booth Jason was busy (hopefully selling your fabric!) Having a great time over here and will get back to you tomorrow.

  4. Congratualtions on your New Fabric Line that's Wonderful...
    So Love your New BOM...just Gorgeous.

  5. Congrats Michele, the new designs looks wonderful, I think I'm hooked!!

  6. Gorgeous fabrics.Can't wait for the new BOM


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