Thursday, 12 May 2011

Life's Challenges

Just when you think things are organised life throws out yet another challenge! We received a late night phone call early this week to tell us we need a BACK-UP plan.....this actually meant we will be homeless for 3 weeks!! We move out of our home in 2 weeks but our new home is now delayed by another 3 weeks!! The building schedule had already been extended by one month so now between May 27th and June 17th we will be living 'in limbo'. The storage scenario and costs were just the beginning of our dilemma especially as we have a piano.
I also received a phone call from the local press last week telling me I had been recommended to them by our real estate agent for a story on our new place. Now that story is incorrect with the scheduled moving date and goodness knows where they got the "international quilter" title bestowed on me - I suspect from our agent!! The full story is at this link;
 Some last views of our front garden on a Summer evening

And just for a little comfort - have a drool over this latest brochure from Morris & Co..............Mmmmmmmmm


  1. Oh dear, that's a stressful situation to be in. The paper said you would be retiring, but I can't imagine you retiring from quilting.

    I was absolutely drooling over the pomegranate reds in the fabrics on this WM site. So gorgeous!

    Hope your new place is ready soon and that you find a place to stay in the mean time.

  2. That has happened to us..had to put our stuff in storage and stay in a caravan..which wasn't too bad..hardly any housework & lots of sitting around & stitching...
    Good Luck.

  3. While you're waiting to move in come by and visit your 'new' local patchwork shop, The Sewing Sanctuary at Aldinga Beach. We'll almost be neighbours.
    Hope your move goes smoothly (eventually).


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