Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Moscow to Vilnius via Minsk

We have had a busy couple of days. The journey from Moscow to Minsk, Belarus took about 10 hours with nothing in between.  We only had one night in Minsk - we would have loved to have had more as the views from my bus seat were stunning, as was the hotel as you will see. We had one night in Vilnius, Lithuania - a medieval town from the 14th century and now we are in Riga, Latvia. So for now some views from my bus seat and of our short time in Minsk....
 Above - As we left Russia I wanted to capture these grand pipes that travel beside the streets. This is the way all the buildings and city residences are centrally heated - via steam

 Bush stop - boys to the left girls to the right and below the vodka reward!
Despite the sunny days the maximum temperature has been around 8 degrees!!

Many, many apartments and modern architecture.
Countries have moved forward since their independence from Russian rule
and their is much evidence of international business investment
 Minsk in Belarus - we would loved to have stayed longer.
A beautiful city.

 And what a hotel!

 Views below from the "Island of Tears" dedicated to the soldiers killed in the Afghan war.

 The gates to the island are covered in padlocks. Couples attach them to the gates, lock them and then throw the key in the river hoping for long and lasting love with their partner

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