Saturday, 9 October 2010

Latvia to Estonia

Well our tour is almost over ......Estonia is beautiful and the people interesting. They say Estonians say it just as it is and I recall working with an Estonian nurse who was very honest with her opinions with or without tact - but it a trait that comes with humour as they can laugh at themselves. And this is another country that has survived so much hardship under times of dictatorship.
 It says 4 degrees and I think in a few days we are going back to
temperatures at home 25 degrees hotter!
 The Baltic sea.....bbbbrrrrrrr and it doesn't taste salty and it can freeze over in Winter
 I can't believe the things I have done - a 999 liqueur at 9.30 in the morning!!  It smelt disgusting, tasted worse but throw it to the back of the mouth and scull..........what one will do to get warm and all courtesy of a generous tour director!!

The following images are from my bus seat....many stork nests.......

 The houses are changing as we travel north

 And then we reached Tallinn, the capital of Estonia
 Above - Our view from the hotel window
 and walking around the block of the hotel - old buildings amongst new

 The original timber homes are hidden amongst the skyscrapers. Some are being renovated which is wonderful - the centre of the structure is replaced in concrete with a lift for fire safety purposes

 Amused me to see the children playing at pre-school in jackets, gloves and wooly hats - at home it is in sun hats - 'no hat no play' because of the potential for sun damage ....and here all rugged up!

 Such a common occurence on every street to see sweepers. This has been throughout Russia and the Baltic states. The streets and gutters are so clean and neat and there is such pride
And at our hotel we were intrigued with the "KIDS CHECK- IN" sign and steps and then
I saw it in action. Whatever next???!!! Actually we were told every child who started
school this year received a mobile phone for free as a promotion from
a mobile phone company - and these kiddies are only seven......struth!!

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  1. You have seen a lot during your travels here in Europe. Funny thing: I'm going to visit Tallinn with my friend on Monday, but you probably won't be there any longer. Have a safe journey :)


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