Saturday, 8 May 2010

"Honeymooner's" gifts

Emily and Brett are back from their 3 week honeymoon to the US and Hawaii. We were taken out to dinner the first night they were back to not only thank us for our help with their wedding, but to also surprise us with gifts from their journey. I feel very lucky and my goodness they went into quilt shops to get my presents!!! Can you believe that?? So I thought I would share them with you..........
Two books and a set of coasters
This is an image from the historical book.
 The quilt is called  "Pikake" and made in
1940 - unquilted and maker is
unknown - how sad there is no history of the maker
And my new coffee coasters made of wood

There are many beautiful images of Hawaiian quilts on the internet and a good start is to go to the Guild;
And while searching I found an interesting article from the Antiques Roadshow - all about antique hawaiian quilts;

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  1. Michele, What thoughtful kids you have! Love those coasters. Your daughter made a beautiful bride :)
    Linda in USA


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