Saturday, 15 May 2010

Art Quilts and gallstones (!!)

That post title got you didn't it - "Art Quilts and Gallstones"........what the????
Well life has been 'on hold' this week as hubby Larry had 4 days in hospital. The week started with 10 incredibly long frustrating hours in an emergency department that finally resulted in a transfer to a private hospital where 36 hours later he gave birth to one gallbladder and the largest stone I have ever seen, and believe me in my nursing career I have seen a few! This one was about 6-7cm long with a diameter of 11-12cm and must have taken up his whole gallbladder. Been growing a few years we suspect- whew!

So the real reason for my posting - I would like to introduce you to a quilting friend who has set up a blog. Along with the amazing quilts Raelene designs, she also collects miniature jugs and echidnas!

Her quilts are inspiring and she constantly challenges us with projects - I am afraid writing a book prevents me from ever getting anything done on time! Raelene will also be having her first solo exhibiton soon- see more on her site. And do check all her links at the top of her home page;  'Jugs'  'Echidnas'  'Scrapbook Quilts'  'Gallery'


  1. Do Hope Larry is back on Track soon. Now has he kept his gallstone in a jar?
    Take Care

  2. Hi Lynne, Yep.............Larry is very proud of his big fat gallstone - I think it is disgusting!! Great to hear from you! X


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