Wednesday, 28 April 2010

V&A find and gift

Last month I received an email from Jacquie in the UK who had gone to see the Quilt Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London - her camera was handy and look what she found in the book shop - WOW - very exciting!!

Visit Jacquie's website and see the amazing work she does (and she is also doing a book!)
Link to website;
Her work is just stunning and all hand quilted - she has won numerous awards for her work and I can't wait to meet her in Birmingham in August. We have been a great support to one another while writing our books :-)
This would be one of my favourite pieces of her work - just exquisite

And today I received a gift from Marilyn who lives in Salem, South Carolina. I had sent her something to help her with a William Morris project and look what she sent me as a thankyou:

Just beautiful and it is filled with
heavenly smelling beads (I am yet to find out what they are!)

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  1. your book is on my list of books to buy - and now you say you are coming out with a second one! I better get busy and buy your first one. Do you sell them from your site or do I need to find one somewhere else?


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