Monday, 26 April 2010

Bendigo and more

We arrived home last night from a couple of days in Bendigo, Victoria – only 650kms away from home but with the stops it did take us 8 hours by car.
Inspiration for quilting

And these will have to find their way to a future quilt!

Bendigo has to be one of the most beautiful country cities for architecture and more. I had been invited by the lovely Strathdale/Bendigo quilting group – we had two days creativity with 20 keen quilters. It was not long enough for me to explore the city but Larry did manage to see an amazing exhibition of Frederick McCubbin work so that was a bonus.
The Pioneer - Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917)

And here are the talented quilters with a couple missing and one hiding behind the group! Thanks so much for having me girls and especially for the amazing accommodation (more photos below of that)

The accommodation was like stepping back in time. Bishops Court is a bed and breakfast that was once obviously where the local Bishop lived.
                                                                         My Room (!!)
Our rooms were just lovely. I say 'our rooms' because I have a very bad snoring problem and Larry is a real wriggler! To get a good night's sleep we do like our own space for sleeping - that is always a challenge when we go away as we do get a funny look when we ask for twin share accommodation - come on, it is just for the sleeping bit!!! In fact if you are interested there has been some amazing research done in this area in the UK and it is a great read;
And we all know Morris and his wife had separate rooms and for the record Larry and I have had 32 blissful years of marriage!!)

Our own lounge room
The breakfast room
Our own games room
Just what you need after a day of quilting~!

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  1. if I had a spare bedroom I think I would have a separate room by now too - hubby snores so much lately that I have resorted to ear plugs and can still hear him. I am not getting much sleep lately (we have been married 37 years)


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