Monday, 28 September 2009

Working hard

I have been busy designing new work and preparing for Beating around the Bush which starts this weekend -
I found these luscious furnishing prints and I am making ????? for those in the 2 day classes!! All will be revealed later!

And yesterday I had a wonderful email with this photo. It came from Judy Carrow, a quilter from Queensland who has been teaching machine applique using designs from the book. This is Judy's quilt and cushions - just beautiful. It is lovely to see designs reworked............I only usually ever see my own so if you are reading this and have ever done one of my patterns please send me a photo. This is the first time I have seen the 'Morris & Friends' quilt re-made, apart from my own.
Have a good week
Thankyou Judy for keeping the genius of Morris alive and for allowing me to share your stunning work.


  1. Hi Michele, Thanks for sharing the stunning picture of Judy's quilt. What an interesting room. The brick walls look great as a background to the quilt. I'll be waiting to see the Beating around the Bush project. The fabrics are great!

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  3. are the fabric you have on the blog william morris.
    I have dont 8 squares now but wish i had waited till i found william morris fabric.
    It will be a 12 month project for me.
    Do you think your designs are better done in Williams designs.

  4. A beautiful job Judy has done.


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