Monday, 21 September 2009

My William Morris rose is blooming

My first William Morris rose has bloomed..........(this was a gift 2 years ago from a very special friend in Melbourne - thankyou Maree x). I have been told this rose is no longer available but there is still much information on the Internet about it;

We have also been doing up the bedrooms in our house - painting and new carpet this gosh that is no mean feat - it is like moving house having to pack and move everything out of 3 bedrooms - Aaaagh!!
I have had a dream to have a black & white room for some time which is why I originally made the black & white brocade style quilt. I recently found a beautiful chair for the room....thought I would show it off!!

And last week Betty and I had the 1st trading table for the aged care we are with all the bears and coat-hangers!!! All bears but one were sold before the day!


  1. Glad to hear you are back to your old self and knew you had many books in you ;-) Adore your William Morris Rose Cannot wait to see a picture of the B+W room
    Take Care and keep having fun

  2. I'm happy to see you doing so well Michele! The news that you are working on a new book is huge!! I'll spread the word in my part of the world and we can all wait for it together. I know it will be brilliant!!

  3. Cannot wait - your first book has inspired me to design my own WM quilt. Thank you I am enjoying the journey - hope the next book is not too long off the press. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts and expertise with us mere mortals. :)


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