Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Well this is the third time I have tried to set this up!! i am so not IT savvy!! thank you Valerie Slater for putting me on to this way of keeping things up to date.My website is long overdue for an update so instead I will try this - thanks Valerie;

I will try to put up a photo again of my latest quilt which is based on Morris's quilt at Kelmscott Manor. there is a great photo at this link of the original bed cover;

This is my interpreation and Judy Simcock of Cornerstone Creations quilted it for me - thanks Judy - absolutley beautiful. I am writing a book which Country Bumpkin/Inspirations books are publishing and the quilt will be in there along with a load of other new projects. Book to be called "William Morris In Applique"of course!! Today I sepnt the day with my Editor Anna Scott looking for venues for photgrahy. Carrick Hill is hopefully one such venue. More about that later.
I won't do any more for now and see how this goes!!

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  1. Hi Michelle welcome to blogland I am a friend of Vals I have a blog at so come over & visit your quilts are beautiful I will admire from a distance & just let Val make them!!


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