Sunday, 22 June 2008

Thankyou Lorraine, Kathy and Maree for your messages - I have such a lot to learn with this blogging so please forgive me!! the main reason I started it is because Valerie heard me complaining about the cost of updating my website and she thought this would be a good way to do it. Hope you are all having a good weekend -it is very cold here and I seem to be stacking on the weight because the weather is preventing me from walking. Such a pain that as soon as one stops walking the weight goes back on - Blast it all!! Have a good week, ,Michele


  1. Hang in there Michele.....the weather will be better for walking soon although I love walking in winter....way too hot for me in summer....what are you working on at the moment....?

  2. Thanks Lorraine for your encouragement.I am really working on the book but have been asked to teach at Beating around the Bush next year and have to get some projects ready by 30th of this month! Decided because it is more of an embroidery convention I would design smaller projects.SO it will be Afternoon tea with William Morris so an appliqued tea cosy and coffee cosy and a shoulder bag as well. ( So I shouldn't be wasting time on the computer!! Have a good week

  3. What a pretty pair of girls you have Michele :) Know what you mean re the weight and the to start doing something about it soon....going on holiday and will need to be a bit fitter!!!
    Blog is looking good, keep up the good work!! :)


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