Monday, 25 May 2020

Dreaming of "one day"

The slogan "we are all in this together" reminds us that this virus is still lurking and to be grateful for what life brings us today. So many have lost jobs and livelihoods and I too have been affected in a small way. I had a series of lecture events that have of course been cancelled or postponed and only this past week I should have been enjoying the company of guests who were looking forward to seeing our beautiful city in our 8th William Morris in Adelaide Tour. I just went online to get the link and also read that my tour in August has been cancelled. So like many my trickle of pocket money has dried up but we can only hope that the November tour will go ahead so I can share some of our special Morris collection.......

 So I've diverted those disappointments by "dreaming of one day" and getting back to stitching. The palliative care quilts pile has grown and since early March I have stitched 17 quilt tops. Faye has been incredible with all her machine quilting and last time I spoke to her she had 40 donated tops waiting to be completed! These bright ones she quilted for me are now finished......

And Lessa who has led us through this journey thought I might like to do some quilting on these donated hand embroidered blocks that she turned into two quilts. My quilting is by no means perfect but I'm glad I could finish them off...again for the palliative care project......

 Another quilting friend Rachelle dropped by during the week and she too shared the disappointment of cancelled workshops, events and classes. If you click on this link Rachelle Denneny Designs you will see some of her very fresh, bright and modern quilt patterns that she sells. Rachelle also turned this difficult time into something positive by starting a mystery quilt online - the third in the SA Quilters Guild series that you can see HERE. You can also join in with the other 700 quilters (!!) - it is not too late as it starts on Friday! Rachelle then decided it could be a way of raising funds by providing a donation option to her favourite charity Backpacks 4 SA Kids that help the vulnerable in many ways. And if that wasn't enough she then decided to hold an online auction for the same worthy cause! So I put my hand up and have donated some Beatrix Potter goodies including quilts from my book. Rachelle has a wonderful way of putting the images together.....

 And this cushion I made is going to a new home as that was auctioned yesterday. So with the mystery quilt donations and the auction (that is on every day and doesn't finish until this Thursday evening), Rachelle has raised over $7,000AU! An amazing effort and I am glad I could help.........
 My fabrics are all cut up ready to go for the mystery quilt instructions that start on Friday so the "dreaming of one day" thoughts can be tucked away for a while.....
Larry and I were blessed with our 42nd wedding anniversary during the week so we dropped by our local cafe to pick up some delicious tarts to bake at home for lunch. When we popped in there was a gorgeous cupcake and chocolate gift box waiting for us from lucky are we?.....
Another day we ventured out for a drive and enjoyed an impromptu lunch at another favourite spot. We are so very lucky that we can dine with restrictions still in place, but this time there was no-one so we could sit inside......
These past couple of weeks here at home the weather feels like early Winter with very chilly days and lots of rain. The garden is certainly looking like Autumn but we still don't see our row of three ornamental pear trees changing colour. They have been in for a couple of years now and the label assured us of "reddish- purple autumn leaves and beautiful white flowers in spring". So we are "dreaming of one day"! But there is glorious colour in the oaks, crepe myrtle and birch.......

 The roses are now finished and I managed to cut a few last blooms. So we "dream that one day' life returns to some kind of normal.....what ever that might be. Take care x


  1. Beautiful colours in your roses Michele. The mystery quilt group is now up to 815 members, it keeps going up. I too, am thinking of "one day" I'm happy that I got to go to the USA for Quiltcon before the covid crisis. I'm sure things will be better in November, our state is doing so well.

  2. Lovely post Michele, also wondering when "one day" will happen. Lots of changes here too. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, beautiful photo. Am sorry I missed out on your cushion, and well done for all you have contributed to the cause.

  3. I'm glad you got to go out and can have lunch out occasionally I will not venture out to coffee shops or lunch or evening meals out for some time to come we are still having too many new cases here and people are too reckless, some restrictions have been eased and it was way too early and now new cases are popping up all over the places worse then it was before here. So many just do don't understand or understand and do not care I don't know which it is. I would warn everyone not to come to the US for a long time if travel here is even allowed.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this today. Your photos are always so beautiful. Your roses are lovely
    Happy Anniversary to both of you. Your wedding picture is so sweet.
    I love the Bea Potter embroidery project, how sweet. Someone will be very good at finishing that one. Also your beautiful quilts. Well done
    Here, things are "opening up" but we are cautious, very very much so. Hubbs just had open heart surgery!!! Almost two weeks ago and he is practically completely recovered, even went out and pulled some weeds today ha! And my dad, I have to keep him safe.
    So, it is good that businesses are taking the precautions and offering services. Most certainly we all need our doctors and medical care

  5. Your garden is looking beautiful. So nice to be able to go for a drive and stop for lunch. We have embraced being allowed to have family over for a meal, but undecided if we will go out for a meal when they lift restrictions....the local Chinese for takeaway is becoming a new tradition! So nice to do some positive things while the world is upside down, we all need a little hope to keep us going.

  6. I love your roses Michele, they are such beautiful colours. It's nice being able to go out a bit now although Rachelle's mystery quilt has given us something to focus on . Great to see the lovely donations from you and others for the auction raising money for such a good cause.
    Take care , love 😍😍

  7. So glad I came back to this. I wish you a Happy Anniversary again. What a nice spot you picked for your goodies and how wonderful they were to you! Love those orange/peach roses - just a lovely color. Thanks for telling me about the mystery - alas I have three right now I'm trying to finish but look forward to seeing it grow. Blessings,


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