Saturday, 2 December 2017

All Quiet in the House

We've had two little people help us to prepare for the Festive season in our house today and now they are fast asleep so it is all quiet in the house. Emily and Brett are hosting a work Christmas party at their house tonight so I am sure all is not quiet in their house! So a little of our day today..........
 Maisie was much more committed to the task than Beau!........

Last weekend we also had the kiddies so we took them to see a miniature version of Adelaide's Christmas Pageant......

 We always know Christmas is just around the corner with the purple blooms of the Jacaranda trees (and I spied a nice looking garden as well!)........

 I did visits Wade earlier in the week and he was still on breathing support at that time........

But third time lucky they tried him again without the breathing support and what a difference a few days can make...........

 He sure melts out hearts and is such a little trooper......bless his little heart. Blessings to you and yours as you prepare for Christmas as well xx


  1. such a little trooper you are right - he is beginning to grow though from the looks of the photos. A long journey ahead but before you know it he will be chasing after his cousins and playing. How many weeks early was he - I know you mentioned but don't remember I'm thinking 10 weeks?
    I have barely begun to think of Christmas decorating - just got a new roof put on the house this week and now I want to get the kitchen painted and new lights in that room before I begin the decorating season!

  2. Glad he is progressing, and well done on the decorating, there has been none of that in this house, yet. xx

  3. What a cutie! Will be nice to see him home with his parents, so difficult to be apart from your newborn. I stand guilt of saying ridiculous things to your friends in Royal Arcade Melb during the week, I was so surprised to see some familiar faces I started talking before i put my thinking hat on! And of course I don't "know" them, just faces from guild I haven't seen for three years!

  4. What a big step! Many hearts are lifted at this milestone, right along with yours. Lovely to see his sweet face.
    xxx Beth in Oregon, USA

  5. Blessed be God! It is so wonderful Wade continues to grow and progress. Such a precious. You have made my day with this news. I hadn't checked the computer as the drama at our house is my daughter and family in China picking up their new daughter. It's so exciting I'm a grandma again.

  6. What beautiful children and so happy decorating the tree. Little Wade is growing so fast and looking like a real little man. It will be a very happy Christmas in your family this year.
    My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful festive season. 😍😍


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