Thursday, 13 April 2017

Farewell to a special friend

Today family and friends will be saying goodbye to a very special friend. Alison came into my life many years ago....long before William Morris Appliqué books and long before William Morris Tours in the UK. She came to a design class in the Riverland, probably about 12 years ago and we immediately made a connection. Over the years she was a great support to me especially when the going got tough writing books. She always had wise words and was an intellect with the most amazing wit too. A few days ago I heard the very sad news from her husband that Alison had lost her battle with cancer and as I write this post family and friends will be saying farewell at her funeral. Sadly I can't be there so instead my little tribute.........

Regretfully I no longer have the originals of these images but thank goodness for this blog because there they were from a special shared birthday dinner with Alison and Paul in 2013 on the occasion of Larry's birthday that you can see on this link; A Birthday to Remember.......and little did I know back then how significant my blog post title would be.........

 And so many special memories when Alison joined us in the UK in 2012 and then again in 2014 for the William and May Morris tours......

Alison was a member of the William Morris Society way before me and she was constantly telling me that the society needed to know about me and what I was doing with my Morris inspired quilts........
 Well me being being me that was never going to happen so Alison took control and wrote an amazing article for their newsletter! Alison would also frequently send me little snippets by email or post and only a few weeks ago I received this little note which I will treasure forever along with all my other memories.....

Late last year I flew to Melbourne for a needlework conference and I had planned to arrive early so that I could view an antique quilt exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Instead I thought it more important to visit Alison.......and I am so glad I did as nothing can replace time with someone special. Our loving thoughts are with Paul and Alison's family at this sad time and I too will miss her terribly. Whenever I see images of our time together in the UK I will think of her..... especially here....... x


  1. So sorry for the loss of your friend. My heart goes out to you and her family. Keeping her in your heart will honor her and the friendship you shared. Gentle hugs,

  2. A beautiful tribute Michele, such meaningful memories. Thinking of you. xxxxx

  3. So sorry to hwar of your friend's passing and I hope uour special memories of the special times you shared, will comfort you.Hugs, Jan Mac

  4. So sorry to hwar of your friend's passing and I hope uour special memories of the special times you shared, will comfort you.Hugs, Jan Mac

    1. So lovely to hear from you Jan…..I left a message on your blog with similar sentiments about your dear Dad but it didn’t let me leave a message…..I can’t even recall what response said but please know I was thinking of you xxx (and did you know that you are a “no reply blogger”?)

  5. A very touching story. I feel for you and a beautiful memory you have....

  6. Beautiful words as always Michele. Xxxx

  7. always so sad to loose a dear friend - it is nice that you have such good memories and photo. I had a dear friend that died about 14 years ago now and after she died I came to realize I had no photos of her.

  8. Memories are treasures, and you have very warm ones of your friend. Keep them in your heart and take a look at them often. Sympathy for you at this sad time.


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