Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Time out

Spring is finally appearing at home after a long and cold winter with bees buzzing and flowers blooming………….

 We've had some fun times with the little ones…….these are a local heritage icon unique to Adelaide…yes really!! You can read more here - Frog Cake

 Beau also enjoyed seeing all those little miniature animals…...
Later that day it was ice-cream after dinner…… 

So right now we are having a break from the day to day commitments and I especially enjoy it when I am focusing on a new project. Larry has been adjusting to finally being retired so I said one morning "lets just run away"! So within a few hours we had booked a week in Pt Vincent on Yorke Peninsula. We are lucky in South Australia that we have so many coastal towns and as a member of the public service Larry is still able to book one of their many holiday units.  So I have five complete days to focus on a large quilt for the Beatrix Potter book - bliss! I am currently reading one of Mary Moody's books and I could totally relate to it where she talks of booking into a motel for a week just so she can focus on writing another book………
The accommodation is not luxurious and often needs a good clean before we move in but it has loads of room to spread out and it is relatively cheap!…….

 Of course there are daily walks, coffee time and lots of reading for Larry. So a little of yesterday's walk……...

 There is even a quilt shop and I've already been this morning for more supplies for the special quilt project…….

 The quilt I am working on is not what I thought it was going to be. I had seen this quilt on the internet residing on a bed at Hilltop where Beatrix Potter lived. These were the images I found but when I finally heard from the National Trust it wasn't quite the quilt image I had seen here………….
Instead it is a much more complex but also more pleasing design made for her parents for their wedding in 1863……..this is just a little section………
 I don't have the time to piece the many blocks that include lots of hexagons, so instead this is the start of my 'mock pieced' blocks using many plains like the original. For me it is a challenge as I substitute piecing for appliqué and to also use plains rather than prints, but I am loving the effect of some of Jason Yenter's first Modern Solids collection. The fabric is made of dyed threads so the front and back looks the same and with a high thread count there is minimal fraying…….. 
So I had better get back to it!


  1. What a great vacation getaway! Looks like my kind of town, small and cozy, yet interesting. Love the flowers. Our weather doesn't cool down until the later part of October. Looking at the photos of the quilt on the bed, I can't for the life of me see any part of the one you are making. It looks wonderful already.

  2. I enjoy all your blog posts and I will look forward to seeing this latest quilt.

  3. Thank you Michele for the great photos and reminiscing to the past. I love Pt. Vincent and the surrounding coastal area, pity it's so far away for me now. The quilt blocks are looking interesting.


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