Monday, 30 June 2014

Rest is not Idleness

I am not sure why I decided on 'Rest is not Idleness' for this post but it just seemed appropriate as I have been resting but I have not been idle! I decided to search for the origin of these words and had completely forgotten that this is the title of a quilting friend Pip's blog! And it was on her blog that I learnt that Sir John Lubbock MP (1834-1913) was responsible for the quote. 
And then with a little more searching I discovered that Lubbock was a committee member for the Society of Protection of Ancient Buildings that William Morris formed in 1877 - in fact it was Sir John Lubbock who passed the first heritage legislation in 1882. It never ceases to amaze me how Morris creeps into so many aspects of my life! It was fascinating to read an 1883 report from one of the meetings that Morris recorded with Lubbock present which you can read here. With the pending overseas trip it was suggested that I needed to slow down or the trip might not be in my best interest….so with stitching as my solace this is what I have been doing……….
Yes - it is a new wardrobe for the tours….well for the waist up anyway!!! Recently a friend attended a workshop to learn how to stitch custom made shirts. I was so impressed that I immediately put my name down for the next class but was sad to hear it would not be held until after the trip. So the teacher and friend got their heads together and we had our very own workshop at home!  (thank-you Kay and Kerryn xx). I will still do the workshop as I know there are many trims and finer details I can learn, but for now I managed some pintucks and piping on the first shirt and that very night I made another. Then I became addicted and made four more!! Three of them are from my own fabric designs and of course the others are either Morris prints or very close to it….. and all from my stash…..

 This past week I have been preparing kits for the William and May Morris Tours while revisiting the first four seasons of Downton Abbey…...I will share the secret projects during the tours…..
 I had forgotten to mention that my Rajah Award has been blessed with a special mat. This was a very special gift given to me Nydia from Thorngrove Manor when I delivered the King's Chamber room quilt. It is an exquisite piece of handwork made by Nydia's late mother and I was very touched at receiving such a treasure…….
I have only three and a bit weeks left before I head to the UK - sadly without Larry as he is working, and in just two and a bit weeks we will be welcoming a new little grand-baby - just five days of cuddles before I leave!  Winter is well and truly upon us with storms, rain and damaging winds….and very cold days too! I think the plants are a little confused as there seems to be evidence of Spring with some bulbs already blooming. But it is lovely to see what is lurking beneath the soil as this is our first change of season in our new home (thank you Jackie!)……
 So until next time take good care wherever you x


  1. have fun on your travels! your shirts look great, I can never seem to make clothing well enough that I will wear it!
    I thought of Pip's blog when I saw your post title - small world - I read her blog too and you know her

  2. What a lovely boost to your wardrobe! And destashing as you make them. They're lovely, Michele. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  3. The shirts are lovely, you will be the hight of fashion! My garden is blooming early too, not sure what to make of it, but enjoying the colour.

  4. The shirts are just fab!! You have done well and will be easy to "find" when the group is out and about.

  5. When I saw your blog title I wondered what was going on :) once I read it, all was clear.

    I looove the black and white shirt, fabulous, and you've even got matching buttons, clever. I've put my name down for the shirt workshop in September, it won't be long and we will all be swanning around in glorious shirts :)

  6. You are so clever making the shirts and having the motivation to sew clothes. They look great! Have a wonderful time in England! Wish I was coming!!! Enjoy the new grandie. Ours is so cute.

  7. I too did a double take at the blog title,and wondered what Pip had done ( that i wasn't aware of) to draw your attention...what lovely link to Morris.
    If that is what you do when you are "resting" i'd hate to be caught up in your "busy" times. The shirts are fabulous, i haven't made any for years. You may set a whole new fashion trend

  8. I LOVE your shirts Michele. You are so talented. William would give you the thumbs up for sure! I so wish I was going on your tour....maybe the next one!!! Have fun. Rae.

  9. Must be shirt season ... my kitchen table is covered with patterns and fabric for a shirt making session tomorrow. I am going to hang a sign on the door saying that I would rather be quilt making rather than shirt making though!Love your black and white one!

  10. Dear Michele, what is it with you and timing trips.? A bridal shower, open houses, sales and home purchases and baby births all during or tightly squeezed between or during trips! Enjoy your new blessing and hugs to all. Safe travels and joyous returns. Xxxx

  11. I absolutely love your shirts-perhaps WM shirts as well as scarves.
    The gilder is still ensconced in the room-still here are a month of intermittent visits. Still having some problems with the work. I hope to have a photo before you leave.
    WM shirts are amazing.
    Love Nydia


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