Saturday, 15 February 2014

Life's little blessings

As I write this entry my chest is heavy and my head is throbbing, as just a short time ago my life almost came to an end! A car went straight through an intersection and give-way sign near our new home and for some miraculous reason I avoided the car crashing straight into my side. Sophie our youngest is very intuitive and has sensed that very spot would be fatal for someone one day…..and I have also just found out our other daughter experienced the very same scenario last night! Sophie has reassured me that someone is watching over me - so for that I am grateful (You would not have wanted to see my hysterical reaction to it all when I got home though - shock and adrenaline are indeed frightening!).  I have reported it and will await a followup phone call on Monday as the signage is very unclear and confusing. Makes one realise how life can be over in one single second and all because of someones else's inattention and bad driving! So now to the wonderful things that our precious lives have brought us these past couple of weeks. We have had two birthdays this week which allowed me to get out the William Morris accessories and china for some special girls! We also spent some time together sewing as we all love quilting so it was a very special day……...

 Our eldest daughter Emily had her 32nd birthday which we also celebrated in the new dining room. Beau enjoyed it all with his favourite Aunt Sophie who he affectionately calls "Dee Dee"………

 Good practice for Beau as he turns two next week!
I received an email this week from a lovely friend who wondered what lives in the display cabinets she could see on the wall in our first house photos (last blog post). Well here it is! The cabinets are made out of recycled baltic pine dated from 1890 and the wood was rescued from a building undergoing renovation in an older area of Adelaide (well so the label says!). They are perfect for the treasures I have collected. One houses articles from around the world - especially special thimbles, and the other 'a few of my favourite things'………

So I think it is time for a strong gin and tonic as I reflect on how fortunate I am and we are. I keep getting flashbacks of the accident scenario and how miraculous my escape was……so I hope you are safe and well wherever you are. xx


  1. so pleased you are safe Michelle after your scary incident. Sounds like traffic lights are required at the intersection.

  2. having been through an accident I know how you feel - so glad it was a miss and that you have now to get over your jitters. Love your dining room and the dishes!how nice to have something like that for special occasions.

  3. So, so happy you are safe. Our son was involved in a near fatal car accident 4 years ago and our lives were forever changed in an instant. Hope you are able to bring about a change in the signage!

  4. Glad you are safe, what a dreadful fright. Perhaps you might be considering a very big brick front fence as an addition to your new garden?
    Thank you for showing us your treasures.

  5. Traffic near misses are terrifying. I'm so glad you weren't injured.just reinforces the fact that we have to live life now, not put it off for later.

  6. So glad you avoided impact, but cannot imagine being that close! You would be excused drinking the whole bottle of gin, with or without other liquid in the glass.

    My security word includes medical ... perhaps a link to the medicinal tonic!

  7. What an awful experience, thank goodness you were not hurt, I hope they can find the driver. Love the Morris china and your shelves of treasures. Take care. xx

  8. I am so pleased to hear that you are okay.I hope that the flashbacks of the accident will be short lived.
    I absolutely love the china in your photos and thank you so much for sharing your collections with us.

    Take care.

  9. That was a very terrifying experience, Michele. I hope the signage problem has been corrected by now. What a marvelous table you set. Happy birthday, girls. Great collection, too!


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