Saturday, 26 January 2013

Proud to be an Australian

Today is our 'National Day' so it is time to reflect and remember how lucky we are in this great country of ours. Now this little clip is not our National Anthem but I wish it was! It was written by the late and very talented Peter Allen.......

If only Peter could know how much we all love his lyrics despite the fact that it was used by Qantas for a commercial - Peter Allen deserves all the kudos.

We are indeed a great country.......(photos from Wikipedia)

 The Sturt Desert Pea is our Sate emblem......

 The Pavlova dessert is very typically Australian and it will be consumed in large quantities today! It was reputed to have been made when the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920's ........but Australia likes to claim its' discovery for herself!!

 And this week we are celebrating the incredible Tour Down Under and I am so proud it is in our home town and is the best run bike tour in the world...of course!! But the riders say that - not just me J

Happy Australia Day to all my fellow aussies ........  and tonight I will be revealing an incredible new tour planned for next year - it is simply amazing!! Stay tuned


  1. Hello Michele, I am tuned and waiting for your exciting news.

  2. Yum pav! I knew I forgot to do something today, was too busy sewing! More travel? You lucky lady!


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