Friday, 22 June 2012

Short interlude

We have just had a few days at our favourite place - Robe which is about 4 hours drive, south of where we live. It is my annual sanctuary where I can sleep in and catch up on stitching. This year we had Emily and Brett join us for a few days so the stitching got put on hold for a bit of this..............
Emily took this photo today after his second lot of immunisations...such a good little fellow.
While we had Beau on our own for a few hours I decided that 4 months is definitely not too young to start sewing! He was absolutely mesmerised.....probably by the lights, sound and action and not the stitching - but who cares??!!

 He was spellbound and looked up with a "......look at this Poppa" face!
 And then he was just plum tuckered out after all that stitching.......
We have come home a day early today as it was so cold and windy.....mind you Adelaide is not much better (max of 10 degrees....goodness we might have snow next!) But I did manage to get an "Eye Spy" quilt finished for Beau. I used some of Jason Yenter's Legendary Basics for the strips surrounding the blocks. This range is sensational - and not just for applique. There are so many delicious colours that can be used with other fabrics. I hope Jason keeps the collection going for many years.

 Loved this fabric for the backing.....
I am home for a week before heading up to Queensland for the Koala Embroidery convention on Friday. I have more preparation and stitching to do for new classes in July and August and of course many emails and phone messages to answer. My emails have included several of you who watched Country House Rescue on ABC1 on Wednesday glad I was watching too and thanks for thinking of me!!
(Photo from ABC)

Tapeley House and Gardens website is well worth a visit and the story is fascinating. Hector Christie inherited the house by the toss of a coin with his brother! Hector is an activist particularly in the area of genetically modified foods which he opposes vehemently. I have just read online that he may go to gaol because of a recent protest which you can read about Here. Tapeley has one of the biggest collections of William Morris furnishings in the UK and Hector's grandmother dined with Morris regularly in the house. I might have to visit one day as it has one of these........

I took photos of this Burne Jones piano at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery two years ago and I think we will be visiting again on tour in a few months - lots to do before then!


  1. Oh my goodness, I just love the pictures of little Beau. I'm going to have to get my 4 month old grandson in front of the sewing machine. So cute!!

  2. Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)


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