Monday, 18 April 2011

Where have I been?

Whew!........I have had only 6 days at home in the last 30 and I am probably about to hit the wall. It has been wonderful meeting quilters at workshops and at the recent Quilt Convention in Melbourne but it is time for a 'breather'. Thankyou to those of you that I met and thanks for helping to keep that "genius of Morris alive"! It is lovely to be home again and now time to pack the house to move..... and yes - we have finally sold our house after nearly 6 months on the market, but sadly we had to reduce our price by $40,000. Adelaide house prices have dropped 10% but at least we have a roof over our heads.

So I am still "here"..........thanks for saying Hi and asking! I will share with you a little secret....this is a video I watch whenever I am ready to "chuck it all in"!! You might think it quirky but it works for me - enjoy XX


  1. Hi Michele, lovely to have you back, I hope that you enjoy that breather...and the move! Really enjoyed the clip. cheers Karan

  2. I love it, that made me laugh. Will remember it when I need a lift. Plus a look at Brad Pitt throughout the day doesn't hurt!!....


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