Thursday, 4 November 2010

Exciting news from Houston

Here in South Australia we are all on cloud ninety nine having heard that one of our friends Rachelle Denneny has won the "World of Beauty" award in Houston. I have blogged about Rachelle and her quilts many times and to see her work close-up is extraordinary.

We have our South Australian Quilters' Guild show here for the next four days and I know it will be such a buzz to share in this amazing story! Rachelle has two daughters who quilt and the older one is rostered for white glove duty this weekend at the show. Rachelle phoned me before she left for Houston to ask me if I would take Briana and also pick her up tonight for the awards night - so what excitement it will be all round! (and what an honour for me!!)
here is the link to the winners list.....

Sorry that I wasn't there to share in the excitement - go Rachelle and hugs all around XXX

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